Darkstar Utilities compatibility and performance update - discontinued

Original mod has been modified for compatibility-conflict resolution, mod-integration, and performance improvement by usafphoenix. v16 version is available on nekomancer's site. this fork for performance troubleshooting will no longer be maintained.

5 years ago
5 years ago
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0.15.95 (5 years ago)
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Factorio version 16 update has been done by nekomancer, and can be found from the original author's mod site here: https://mods.factorio.com/mod/Darkstar_utilities

update 15.95 - "megafix" update.
Too many changes to count. Changes to item, recipe, technology, module and entity lua files. (over 1000 changes and tiny updates.)
config options can now be disabled without adverse affects (At least, to my testing nothing bad happened. lemme know if you manage to break it :3
Think I've found a way to enable "persistence of knowledge" while processing multiple files on startup, because i needed the game to do a set of things in order:
1) check to see an item exists with a specific name that may have been (or may be) added by a different mod....If nothing exists that already has a specific name i checked, then cool, there shouldn't be any item-name collisions which have the nasty tendency of breaking recipes.
2) Add the item this mod adds so long as doing so won't obviously cause a recipe/item/technology conflict with another mod. Or disable the item in our mod because a similar item already is in the game.
3) Depending on what action was taken when processing the item.lua file, either create an entry in raw.data for the entity to match our item and the technology to unlock it, or skip over all that code like the item doesn't exist....because it won't.
*other fixes mostly in config and settings to make it so you can actually disable parts of the mod and it not cause everything to break (every possible combination has not been tested, so....it may still break. lemme know if it does)


Leave a note in comments if you have any ideas on this/suggestions.

update again: tweaks and some simple fixes v 15.94 mostly related to "oopsies"

Performance and Visualization Update 15.93
Wasn't actually sure i'd be able to do this.
Darkstar Utilities now has config options for most bits (more to come later)
In it's current state, the items that were the source of the lag the original mod had have all been resolved (or should be)
Electric poles, beacons, and roboport ranges seemed to be the cause. They have a configurable range now (but set a maximum to something that shouldn't result in lag. user experience may vary.

Note that config options have not been thoroughly tested to see if a certain selection or deselection will cause crashes, but please let me know if this is the case.
At first, i just wanted to make the mod LOAD along with a few other mods...then i decided to go ahead and see if i was able to fix the lag issue. All thanks to user, Nexela to pointing me in the right direction, and to bob for his code on altering technology pre-requisites. This mod does now require his library, as it was the easiest way for me to enable quick-enable/disable of large parts of the mod for debugging or user-preference. Also, Visualization parameters for beacons have been corrected to display the area they actually cover.

This is a fork of the original Darkstar Utilities mod and has been modified for compatibility and performance improvements. Most of the mod is configurable and the maximum-ranges for the beacons, power poles, and roboports this mod adds should all be within acceptable performance limitations of the game.

If you like the config+ mod, but would like to enable military items in darkstar utilities, you may find a version of config+ which does not modify projectiles here:

No authorship/ownership/liability is taken for either mods, and this is a release simply to enable play for users, or to assist in the original authors of Darkstar to see the changes i've made and help improve his mod.