Darkstar Utilities

Propel yourself all the way from mining stone with your hands to ripping holes in reality. Darkstar Aims to extend the playtime of the game to well over twice the standard. With extra features like Quarries and Ore Probes for mining in lands with no ores, or launching rockets to mine deep space materials. With roughly 664 currently added features!

3 years ago
0.15 - 1.1
6 years ago
Latest Version:
0.19.6 (3 years ago)
Factorio version:
0.15 - 1.1
Downloaded by:
3.18K users


Amount of items currently added = 324
Amount of entities currently added = 161
Amount of technology currently added = 119
Total Sum = 604

This mod was designed along with the Big Bags mod. Item recipes and Ammo amounts where balanced around the higher stack sizes given by Big Bags. Although this mod will work without Big Bags I do not suggest it, for many aspects will not work as intended.

This is a very large mod. file sizes inside this mod exceed what the game can render on normal graphics settings. TURN GRAPHICS SETTINGS TO HIGH. Currently, the low spec version of the mod will not be updated until later. Updating two versions of this mod at once requires more time than I have to give currently. Perhaps in the future I will once again update the low spec versions.

Big thanks to Azakir for helping alone the way.
Thanks to Expanded Rocket Payloads, I had to reference their code for the empty rocket message.

Feel free to edit and re-upload the mod with new or altered features, however give due credit.

Change Log:



Game should now display correct version

0.19.4 Update to 1.1


Items not fully implemented have a warning in the description.

0.19.3 Rivisions to old systems


The game will give a warning about a removed recipe, this is intended and should not be confused for an issue.
From here on, all items added by Darkstar Utilities which are Productivity Module compatible will be denoted with a |P| in the description


Star Core Matter and HS Star Core Matter can be formed into Lithium Ore
Uranium Processing Recipe
Efficiency Beacon


Copper Mining Probe MK2 now gives Dense Ore
Laser Drills now deposite mined ore on the side of the belt the Drill is placed on, rather than the opposing side
Objects now have correct amounts of health


Star Core Matter and HS Star Core Matter have both been largly buffed
Both Uranium probes now give Dense Uranium Ore
Uranium Probes now pollute for 75 instead of 1075
Following items now allow for Productivity Modules:
Empty Regulator
Module Componant
Solar Wafer
Advanced Photovoltaic Cells
Filter Tray and Sand Filter Tray
Antimony, Selenium, Tellurium, Silver, Platinum, Ciusitral, Lithusarium, Rhusanthium and Lithium Steel Composite Plates
Power Boost Beacon now gives 2.5x effectivity
Lowered Ultra Beacon power usage from 75MW to 50MW
Boosted Ultra Beacon effectivity to 50% from 45%
Power Boost Beacon range increased from 1 to 2, mostly helps visualize what it can touch
Any-Cast Beacon now gives 50% up from 25% effectivity
Any-Cast Beacon supply range increased to 8 from 5
Buffed Efficiency Modules by .2

Extra Information:

Star Matter yields were changed in a hope to balance them more against Probs and Quarries
Uranium Probes have been changed for a multitude of reasons. Them now giving "Dense ore" alligns it with the other level 2 Probes. Additionally it allowed me to require sulfuric acid for the processing of Dense Uranium to make the process more similar to vanilla.

0.19.2 Actual Additions again




Geothermal Generator MK3 no longer requires energy liquid to unlock or craft
S-REG Units have all been massively buffed
ANCT Generators have been buffed
Increased time taken for Dense Ore to be produced from Probes to 3 from 1
Furnace Warehouse now consume 4MW instead of 45MW
Laser Forges look slightly different to help differentiate them from default game furnaces
Massive Graphical upgrade to Eden Biodome
Restructured the technology tree a little so that generator objects require the third level of previous types to unlock, now having a more even and logical "Ladder" of progression


Roboports should now us the correct amount of energy
Biodome is no longer highly confusing/annoying
finally fixed the rotation/hitbox issues for following items:
S-REG Units
Furnace Warehouse
Ore Extractor
ANCT Generators
If I missed an object with this issue, please notify me on either Twitter, Discord, or the Mod Page

Extra Information:

I changed the Geothermal Generator MK3's recipe to make room for an intermittent level Generator between Geothermal and S-REG
I absolutely plan on updating the Laser Forge textures later, but before then and now I've decided to lazily update the visuals

0.19.1 Bugfix


Filter Tray
Sand Filter Tray


Filters no longer infinitely produce Empty Filters when used
Vacuum Chamber can now utilize Speed and Efficiency Modules
Actually Fixed S-REG Technology names


Specialty Alloy recipe costs massively reduced
Reduced Smelting time for Selenium, Tellurium, Antimony, Silver and Platinum by 75%
Reduced Geothermal Generator MK3 Recipe to only require 1 Energy Liquid
Empty Regulator Recipe Tweaked
All Filter Charge Recipes
Vacuum Chamber Module slots reduced to 2 from 4
Any-Cast Beacon energy cost reduced again from 10MW to 5MW
Removed Iron Plate from Energy Liquid recipes

Extra Information:

The reason I decided to change filter recipes (again) is due to the limits of belts. Now, each componant in the production chain for Filters only takes up 2 items instead of 3. This in theory should allow you to double production rate. This change also lowered the aggressive requirements to be a decent bit more tame. This does mean Filter Arrays will need updating to work again.
The new Filter Items are the first to have 64x Textures, in the future I plan on updating more of the mod's textures to be higher resolution.

0.19.0 Escaping the 0.18s!


Added Alternate sand recipe using the Extraction Machine
Added Slower Module. Designed for use in Filtration Machines
Added alternate Diamond recipe using the Extraction Machine. Faster but requires a large amount of stone


All Filter Charge recipes now only cost 1 Empty Filter
Any-Cast Beacon power usage reduced to 10MW from 25MW
lowered resource cost for all filtration machines
Laser Cores now produce 3 each craft cycle. Up from 1
Sand recipe now gives 10 sand for 5 stone. Down from 20 and 10
Effectivity modules renamed to match base game naming
Filter Charge discriptions changed to display their duration
Filtration Machine Technology discription now gives tips for usage
Filtration Machine Research has updated Icons
Tweaked Solar Flare Lamp Recipe
Mini-Lamps now give 4 per Craft Cycle
Mini-Lamp brightness and radius increased
Decreased Warhouse Steel Plate requirement to 60 from 120
Long Underground Belt recipes reduced from 8 ro 6

0.18.9 A small hotfix update


S-REG Technology names were incorrectly labeled
ANCT Generators now require all three S-REG technologies to unlock
Vacuum Chamber Research now gives the "Leaded Glass" recipe


New Technology and recipes for filtering dirt for metallic resources



Planck Ripper component parts can now be crafted in hand
Vacuum Chamber component parts can now be crafted in hand
Dense Ore can be cracked into usable ore
Tweaked a name to allow more compatibility with Bob's mods
Fixed some hitboxing issues with the Extraction Machine
Fixed an issue wherein old files somehow got re-added increasing the file size greatly


Some important notes before I do my best at labeling everything. This update in it's current state is not a final product by any means, it's intended to let people play the mod in 1.0 even though, strictly speaking, it isn't finished. Things 'should' work as intended lest I missed something, but textures and such might be a bit wonky. I plan on eventually replacing the rest of the textures that need to be, for example the 4 ships have horrible model work and need to be changed.

With that out of the way, this is a complete overhaul of the entire mod's progression and function from the start to the end of the game. A system for space station construction is in the works, but currently serves little purpose and needs more features added to become viable, let alone entertaining. I've lowered the amount of weapons in the game, this is not a permanent change but rather a way to transition into more interesting weapons once I fully implement required features for them. One last thing, Space Station additions will be mentioned in a space of their own for simplicity.

Added Entities:

Dark Matter S-REG Unit (To fit between Geothermal and ANCT generators)
Dark Matter S-REG Unit MK2
Dark Matter S-REG Unit MK3
Planck Ripper
Vacuum Chamber
Lithium Ore
Extraction Machine

Added Items:

Fuel Container
Large Fuel Container
Fuel Register
Large Fuel Register
Xenon Container
Xenon Thruster Container
Xenon Thruster Register
Xenon Thruster
Dark Matter S-REG Unit
Dark Matter S-REG Unit MK2
Dark Matter S-REG Unit MK3
Field Stabilizer
Ohm Lock
Almer Transponder
Electro Magnet
Empty Regulator
Shortened Planck Space
Lengthened Planck Space
Ripped Planck Space
Looped Planck Space
Rhusanthium Plate
Lithusarium Plate
Cuisitral Plate
Lithium Steel Composite
Vacuum Chamber
Lithium Plate
Lithium Ore
Platinum Plate
Antimony Plate
Silver Plate
Tellurium Plate
Selenium Plate
Anode Mud
Extraction Machine

Added Space Stuff:

All Following items have 9 basic variants, Each representing a planet. And an extra for the Moon totalling 10.
Connection Card
Research Module
Planetary Data

Added Technology:

Space Stations. Linari, 1st Planet
Space Stations. Vesili, 2nd Planet
Space Stations. Messii, 3rd Planet
Space Stations. Gindralyr, 4th Planet
Space Stations. Sonelia, 5th Planet
Space Stations. Yosleon, 6th Planet
Space Stations. Lurith, 7th Planet
Space Stations. Ita, 8th Planet
Space Stations. Lyheia, 9th Planet
Moon Base. Moon

Flywheel Energy Storage
Planck Manipulation
Vacuum Chamber
Ore Extractor


Around 80% to 90% of current recipes
Tons of small Balancing
A decent amount of models and textures
Entire progression tree
And the mod should be nearly fully colorblind friendly



• Laser Drills speed and module ratios increased
• ANCT Drill Mining Ranges increased greatly
• Dyson Sphere energy production increased from 2TW to 15TW
• Laser Drills and ANCT Drills can now be used with Fast Replace
• Rebalanced energy production amounts for ANCT Generators


• Laser Drills once again mine faster with each tier


• Update Logs will likely use this format going forward

0.18.5 (Filters, episode 4) (hotfix)

Added: Sand Augmented Filters mk1-mk4
Changed: Filters now require less Coal to make (You'd think by now I would've figured them out)
Changed: Made Filters and their Machines have a different technology tree, this way you can get better filters before the better machines
Changed: Filters now have a better ratio of science packs to unlock
Changed: Filter and Filter Machine icons are a little cleaner now
Changed: Massive increase to power requirements for beacons (sorry, but it had to be done)
Changed: Changed Filter Machine naming for easier identification
Fixed: Game no longer crashes due to a belt texture issue on lower settings
Known issues: Jack Hammer got set way too high, basically makes you a god.

0.18.4 (Oh yay, another bug fix update -_-)

Fixed: Terra Tech Chemical Plant is now useful
Fixed: Neural Science Pack now allows for Productivity modules
Fixed: Missing icons for entities added
Fixed: Custom Power Armor now shows on character when worn
Fixed: Impossible Technology loop with Biological Sciences

0.18.3 (Controlling the Parallels)

Added: Fish Farm and related Technology
Added: Eden Biodome and related Technology
Added: Brain Growing Chamber and related Technology
Added: Neural Science Pack
Added: Recipe to convert Wood in Coal
Added: Diamond
Added: Iron Mining Probe
Added: Copper Mining Probe
Added: Gold Mining Probe
Added: Lead Mining Probe
Added: Coal Mining Probe
Added: Uranium Mining Probe
Added: Mining Probe Technology
Added: Jackhammer MK2
Added: Interstellar Dominion Trophy and related technology
Added: Multiverse Tear Trophy and related technology
Added: Multiverse Tear Data Receiver
Added: Interstellar Colony Data Receiver
Added: Interstellar Colony Swarm
Added: Multiverse Rift Gate Swarm
Added: More Achievements
Changed: Size and Texture of Dyson sphere changed
Changed: Dyson Sphere energy production reduced to make way for further technologies
Changed: Increase to Geothermal Generator power output
Changed: Laser Core Recipe
Changed: Another readjustment for the Brick Furnace
Changed: Custom Railgun renamed and retextured
Changed: Railgun and Railgun ammo recipes and textures have been tweaked
Changed: Dyson Sphere material requirements tripled
Changed: Technologies now require different Science Packs as to make their difficulty more logical
Changed: Result for used filters no longer clutter the crafting menu
Overhaul: Dyson Sphere system, they still generate power however they now represent Trophies
Overhaul: Items in Tech Tree take longer to research now
Overhaul: All ANCT and related technology has been moved around in the tech tree as to not require military
Fixed: Solar Flare Light is no longer massive
Fixed: Terra Tech Armor Technology name (might reset it's research)
In Depth Changes: Filters have changed again. Energy requirements have been dropped greatly and all filters now last 4x as long as before. Additionally their Pollution intake has been doubled. Fish Farms and Eden Biodomes will also clean air over time assuming their output inventory is not full.
Known Issues: I forgot a couple of icons, not quite a large enough issue to warrant a patch so I'll leave it until the next polish or fixing update.

0.18.2 (A nice coat of Polish v2)

Added: Cognition Container
Added: ANCT Air Filter Charge
Fixed: Jackhammer
Fixed: Roboport Textures
Fixed: Conveyor Textures
Fixed: Logistic Chest Textures
Fixed: Geothermality 3 requires Geothermality 2 as a prerequisite
Changed: Air Filtering Machines crafting recipe dropped to be easier early on
Changed: Air Filtering Machines can no longer use Efficiency Modules (they made them work worse)
Changed: Massive Buff to Air filters
Changed: Air Filter Charge Recipes
Changed: Mini Lights are now better
Changed: Multiple small things for quality of life, no gameplay changes for these unlisted modifications
Updated: Chemical plant Textures
Updated: Item Folder Icons
Updated: Refined some of the excessive textures to lower file size
Overhauled: Pollution values for all machines

0.18.1 (Hopefully functional)

Added: Theoretical compatibility with Bob's. Not 100% certain
Removed: Crafting Module
Bug Fix: Rocket Launch Crash
Bug Fix: Armor Crash
Bug Fix: Multiple small things
Known Bugs: Textures are still in a a bit of disorder
Known Bugs: Making the Jack Hammer will crash the save
Notes: I just got out of a really long hiatus, as such my knowledge may have degraded and therefor I cannot confirm the efficacy of the changes I've made past my few hours of testing. This patch was made to make the mod playable in 0.17, not to make it perfect. Textures will be wonky until I have the time to fix them.

0.18.0 (oh hey, the developer didn't die)

Updated to 0.17

0.17.9 (Merry super late Christmas)

Added: Energy Liquid now allows for circuits
Changed: Drone Rocket inventory size reduced to 1 from 2
Bug Fix: Fixed Energy Liquid icons
Bug Fix: Geothermal Generator Energy Rates Fixed
Bug Fix: Terra Splitter now gives correct item when removed
Notes: I have not had much time the last month because of some things going on, sorry about that.

0.17.8 (The Migration)

Added: Data Migration, AKA old save support
Changed: Beacon Recipes
Changed: Slightly tweaked glass texture
Notes: I have never messed with migration in the past, my testings shows no issues however there still may be problems I am unaware of.

0.17.7 (A breath of fresh air)

Added: Terra Tech Assembling Machine
Added:Terra Forming Engine
Changed: Rework of emission levels (Breaking the laws of thermodynamics will still be punished)
Changed: Doubled Air Filter effect
Changed: Air Filters can now use speed modules to increase speed if needed.
Changed: Doubled Air Filter usage times
Changed: Filter Recipes
Changed: Productivity modules produce far less pollution
Known Issues: I might have forgotten to name the new technology, oops.

0.17.6 (Cosmic Control)

Added: Dark Matter Collector Drones
Added: HS Dark Matter Collector Drones
Added: Antithetical Matter Collector Drones
Added: HS Antithetical Matter Collector Drones
Added: Norbornadiene Collector Drones
Added: HS Norbornadiene Collector Drones
Added: Star Matter Collector Drones
Added: HS Star Matter Collector Drones
Added: Dark Matter Capsule
Added: HS Dark Matter Capsule
Added: Antithetical Matter Capsule
Added: HS Antithetical Matter Capsule
Added: Antithetic Containment Capsule
Added: HS Antithetic Containment Capsule
Added: Norbornadiene Capsule
Added: HS Norbornadiene Capsule
Added: Star Copper Recipe
Added: Star Iron Recipe
Added: Star Gold Recipe
Added: Star Lead Recipe
Added: Star Uranium Recipe
Added: Star Stone Recipe
Added: HS Star Copper Recipe
Added: HS Star Iron Recipe
Added: HS Star Gold Recipe
Added: HS Star Lead Recipe
Added: HS Star Uranium Recipe
Added: HS Star Stone Recipe
Added: Cooked Fish
Added: Secondary Lab Grown Biomass recipe
Changed: Dyson Sphere Rocket now launched with greater speed
Changed: Hacked Biters can now be picked up
Changed: Lab Grown Biomass now requires raw wood instead of wood
Changed: Multiple Dyson Sphere building process ratios readjusted
Bug Fix: Pumpjack mk2 now gives mk2 back when mined
Bug Fix: Bitters no longer give biomass (I do not know when or how it got reenabled)

0.17.5 (oh, Finally he added those)

Added: Underground Terra Tech Transport Belt
Added: Underground Terra Tech Transport Belt mk2
Added: Long Underground Terra Tech Transport Belt
Added: Long Underground Terra Tech Transport Belt mk2
Changed: Quantum Interlace Particulate recipe now greatly reduced
Changed: Antithetical Matter craft amounts raised

0.17.4 (Bio-mechanical boogy)

Added: Quantum Blood
Added: ANCT Generator mk3
Changed: Rift names
Changed: Robot and Teleport hub name
Changed: Teleporter rift recipes
Changed: Brain recipe now gives three units per cycle
Changed: Brain name changed to Neural Mass
Changed: Each tier of Roboport now have different higher robot charge counts
Changed: Lab Grown Biomass now gives ten units per craft cycles
Changed: Incorrect spelling of Wafer has been corrected
Changed: ANCT Generator recipe rebalance
Changed: Descriptions of multiple items
Changed: Neuro Perceptual Mining Units renamed to more lore friendly and easier to say names
Changed: Refined crafting menu order
Bug Fix: Roboports work as intended finally
Bug Fix: ANCT Generators are no longer craftable without the research

0.17.3 (I dig it)

Changed: Massive quarry speed reductions for all but planet quarries
Changed: Quarries now function as Logistic Passive Providers
Changed: Roboport charge energy increased. Logistic should run better now
Changed: Furnace Warehouse now crafts about 2.6x faster
Bug Fix: Quarries once again function

0.17.2 (Eclipse)

Added: Ability to lab grow alien biomass
Added: Lab Grown Biomass
Added: Geothermal Generator MK2
Added: Geothermal Generator MK3
Added: ANCT Generator
Added: ANCT Generator MK2
Added: Antithetic Coolant
Added: Dyson Sphere Rocket Silo
Added: Dyson Sphere Rocket
Added: Star Mining Drones
Added: Drone Swarm
Added: Drone Signal Reciever
Added: Darkstar Dyson Sphere
Changed: Geothermal Generators now work 24/7
Bug Fix: Astroid Rocket Silo now gives correct items when mined
Bug Fix: Added a technology to remove satallite missing warning from rockets.
Bug Fix: Brain and Bio-computer are now longer craft-able from start.
post release Hot Fix: Actually loads now.
Known Issue: Quarries seem to not give ore anymore. (working on a fix)

0.17.1 (Balanced, as all things should be)

Added: More achievements
Added: More item descriptions.
Changed: Multiple balance changes
Changed: Overhaul of all Brick textures
Changed: Replaced Tesla Coil Texture with old version
Changed: Laser drill and Neural Miner energy requirements increased
Changed: Solar panel recipe changes
Changed: Beacon power requirements
Removed: Motes
Bug Fix: Multiple small performance improvements
Warnings: Many items power requirements have changed. Old factories may run worse if they have insufficient power production.

017.0 (The Resurrection)

Added: 5 technologies
Added: 10 Items
Added: 5 Entities
Added: Air Filtering Machine
Added: Advanced Air Filtering Machine
Added: Pollution Scrubbing Machine
Added: Advanced Pollution Scrubbing Machine
Added: Empty Air Filter
Added: Air Filter
Added: Advanced Air Filter
Added: Pollution Scrubber
Added: Advanced Pollution Scrubber
Added: Furnace Warehouse
Added: Achievments
Changed: Geothermal Generators now generate half the previous power.
Changed: Recipes for all Quarries have been tripled.
Changed: Biomass is now dropped from enemy bases as opposed to the actual enemies.
Bug Fix: Tesla Coils should now be more useful.
Bug Fix: Multiple small issues.
Removed: Dyson Sphere (Might get re-added in the future)
Known Issues: Motes no longer work, They will be removed in 0.17.1

0.16.9 (the big one)

Added: D31 Dark Pulse
Added: S12 Deep Hold
Added: X750 End Game
Added: Y80 Nautilus
Added: Z20 Ship Cannon
Added: X750 Quantum Autocannon round
Added: X750 Quantum Tunneler Round
Added: Aircraft Thruster Upgrade
Added: Vehicle Shield
Added: Nautilus Healing Wave
Added: Vehicle Roboport
Added: Generator Room
Changed: Dark Matter Energy liquid name to Antithetical Matter Energy Liquid
Changed: Dark Matter Energy silo name to Antithetical Matter Energy Silo
Changed: Dark Matter Energy liquid Ground Tank name to Antithetical Matter Energy Liquid Ground Tank
Changed: All brick textures changed to high-res variants Made By Azakir
Changed: Microverse Generator is now smaller and produces FAR less energy
Changed: Terra Tech Laser can now be used as vehicle equipment
Changed: Terra Tech Sniper Defense Laser can now be used as vehicle equipment
Changed: Terra Tech Assult Defense can now be used as vehicle equipment
Changed: Terra Tech Cannon Defense can now be used as vehicle equipment
Changed: Terra Tech Railgun Defense can now be used as vehicle equipment
Changed: Solar Panel mk2 can now be used as vehicle equipment
Changed: Solar Panel mk3 can now be used as vehicle equipment
Changed: Solar Panel mk4 can now be used as vehicle equipment
Changed: Solar Panel mk5 can now be used as vehicle equipment
Changed: Solar Panel mk6 can now be used as vehicle equipment
Changed: Solar Panel mk7 can now be used as vehicle equipment
Changed: Energy Liquid can now be used as vehicle equipment
Changed: Energy Silo can now be used as vehicle equipment
Changed: Energy Liquid Ground Tank can now be used as vehicle equipment
Changed: Compressed Energy Liquid can now be used as vehicle equipment
Changed: Compressed Energy Silo can now be used as vehicle equipment
Changed: Compressed Energy Liquid Ground Tank can now be used as vehicle equipment
Changed: Antithetical Matter Energy Liquid can now be used as vehicle equipment
Changed: Antithetical Matter Energy Silo can now be used as vehicle equipment
Changed: Antithetical Matter Energy Liquid Ground Tank can now be used as vehicle equipment
Bug Fix: Concrete and other base game tiles can once again be placed near water
Bug Fix: Battery MK3 and MK4 now have logical storage amounts
Bug Fix: Reworked Quarries to be slightly less powerful
Bug Fix:Terra Inserters now work good again
Bug Fix:Terra Loader is now craftable

0.16.8 (if you have issues loading this version please download the low spec version or turn your graphics settings to high)

Bug Fix: game now loads


Added: Neuro-Perceptual Mining Unit
Added: Neuro-Perceptual Mining Unit mk2
Added: Neuro-Perceptual Mining Unit mk3
Added: Neuro-Perceptual Mining Unit mk4
Added: Brain
Added: Four new Technologies
Changed: Codeless Hacked Biter recipe
Changed: Switched "Solar Flare Lamp" code to the code made by BringerOfRain
Changed: Reordered laser drill locations in crafting interface

0.16.6: (a quick bug fix before 0.16.7)

Changed: multiple Weapons work different now. namely Railgun Ammo types.
Changed: Productivity modules 4 through 25 Now increase power consumption and pollution much more.
Bug Fix: Productivity modules 4 through 25 can now only produce intermediate products.

0.16.5: (a nice coat of polish)

Massive polishing of many items. pretty much everything should work better now.
Added: Antithetical Matter
Added: Quantum Waste
Added: Quantum Fuel
Added: Quantum Interlace Particulate
Added: Buffer Warehouse
Added: Logistic Buffer Warehouse
Added: Logistic Buffer 4D
Added: Antithetical Matter Energy Liquid
Added: Antithetical Matter Energy Silo
Added: Antithetical Matter Energy Liquid Ground Tank
Added: Second Micro Cell Recipe unlocked with Cheaper Photovoltaics
Changed: Tesla Coil Texture
Changed: Overhaul of item order in crafting interface
Changed: Multiple Entity Hitboxes updated to be more accurate
Changed: Microverse Generator recipe
Changed: Power Boost Beacon Slot count lowered to 1
Changed: Power Boost Beacon can now accept Productivity Modules
Big Fix: All Beacon Radii
removed: Terra Coil


Big Fix: Underground liquid storage texture fixed
Big Fix: Recipes for Liquid Energy was structured incorrectly
Big Fix: Liquid energy ground tanks can finally be crafted
Changed: liquid energy recipes.


Added: Asteroid Quarry
Added: Asteroid Quarry Package
Added: Asteroid Quarry Rocket Silo
Added: Asteroid Quarry Rocket
Added: Exo Planet Quarry
Added: Exo Planet Quarry Package
Added: Exo Planet Quarry Rocket Silo
Added: Exo Planet Quarry Rocket
Added: Terra Loader
Added: Terra Splitter
Added: New Item Category
Added: Codeless Hacked Biter
Added: Medulla Oblongata Interfacing System
Added: Compressed Energy Liquid
Added: Compressed Energy Silo
Added: Compressed Energy Liquid Ground Tank
Changed: 4D Storage can now be opened without Major Frame Dropping
Changed: Bio Hacking is now more complex
Changed: Overhauled weapon and equipment order in crafting menu
Changed: Quarry Mining Method (should not feel different in game)
Changed: World Array and Terra Coil ranges changed to games new maximum
Changed: World Array now accepts all module types
Known Bugs: the asteroid quarry and Exo Planet Quarry say they are not in the rocket when the rocket it launched. these features still function the same regardless


Bug Fix: Ore generation should finally be fixed
Changed: Changed the Mod page Logo to represent the return of Darkstar Utilities.


Attempted Bug Fix: Ore Generation changed (broken)


Minor Changes for adaption to latest Factorio Version
Horrible Ore Generation bug. it is advised to skip this version completely.


Bug Fix: Fuse boxes are now craftable.


Added: Warehouse
Added: Logistic Requester Warehouse
Added: Logistic Storage Warehouse
Added: Logistic Active Provider Warehouse
Added: Logistic Passive Provider Warehouse
Added: Bio Hacking or friendly biters
Bug Fix: General Small Performance and stability improvements
Bug Fix: Geothermal Generator No longer gives solar panels when mined.


Removed: Swimming


Fixed all lag issues with placement of labs and other such items.


Completed: Quarries
Added: Dark Matter (fluid)
Added: Quarry
Added: Terra Quarry
Added: Character Speed Module (for manual crafting and mining speed)
Changed: Dark Matter Reactor Recipe
Changed: Jack Hammer Recipe
Changed: Ordered Intermediate Product Items
Removed: Laser Quarry


Bug Fix: Mod can now work without Unzipping
Added: Filtered Sand
Added: Fuse Box
Added: Crafting Module
Added: Geothermal Generator
Added: Ram Stick
Added: GPU
Added: CPU
Added: Fan
Added: Diode
Added: Mother Board
Added: Chitin
Added: Solar Waffer
Added: Silicon
Added: Seed Crystal
Added: Quarries (WIP)
Added: Quadricyclane
Added: Norbornadiene
Added: Acetylene
Added: Cyclopentadiene
Added: Petroleum Naphtha For Cyclopentadiene
Added: Quadricyclane to Norbornadiene Agitation
Changed: Solar Panel MK2 through MK7 recipes.
Changed: Liquid energy recipes
Changed: Computer recipe


Fixed incompatibility with angels mods