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3 months ago

b Science

4 months ago

So, I downloaded this and all the optional stuff and the full pack. Want to let you know, you might want to adjust the recipes for the Techs, Basic Automation, and Automation.

Basic Automation - Basic Tech Card, Automation Tech Card
Automation - Basic Tech Card

These seem to be reversed.


4 months ago

Do you mean removing logistic tech card from automation 2?

If I understand correctly, I think the issue you have need some investigation. It is probably one mod that causes this issue.
I have:
Automation: Basic Tech Card
Automation 2: Basic Tech Card, Automation Tech Card and logistic tech card

If You are able to detect what mod it is let me know, I will see if I can find when I have time.
Are you adding any mods that are not in the lists? Nothing is named Basic Automation in my game.

4 months ago
(updated 4 months ago)

ok thanks :) I found out what it was. You have bobs burner and steam assembling machines on.
This mod turns it off, but only by using default setting so if someone already have a mod-settings.dat it uses their old settings.

I going to add a note telling people to remove mod-settings.dat before installing the mod if they want the settings this mod provide.

I am also going to add in your suggested change, as some might prefer to use the burner and steam assembling machines.

I have applied this change on the next version.
If setting bobmods-assembly-burner remove automation-tech-card from basic assembling.

4 months ago

Wow, ty for your fast response. I will delete my mod settings.dat and go from there.

Ok, that seemed to change a lot in the game, good thing I am not very far yet.

The factory must grow!!!

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