Conquer The Universe

by Raelf

This mod adds a moon to the game. After some research you can travel to it and find some new resources.

1 year, 4 months ago
1 year, 4 months ago
Latest Version:
0.0.1 (1 year, 4 months ago)
Factorio version:
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For the moment this mod is abandoned. Earendel had a similar idea with Space Exploration mod but he started way before me. Check his mod if you're interested. When I have an idea what else to do with this mod I will continue it.


Take a look into the Discussions. I opened a thread for adding a Fusion Reactor in the next version.


Conquer The Universe introduces the possibility to travel to the Moon and to mine new resources from there.

To make traveling to other planets more realistic the start of a rocket is now more expensive. The amount of rocket parts and space science is calculated for each planet to represent the difficulty to get to the orbit. This makes it more efficient to send satellites only in the orbit of the current planet. The Ratio is still the same:

Planet Rocket Parts (100%) Space Science Packs
Nauvis (Vanilla) 100 1000
Nauvis (Mod) 1400 14000
Moon 1000 1000

How To

Rocket Silos

There are as many Rocket Silos as Planets. Each one is designed to send you to the orbit of the given planet (Moon Rocket Silo sends you always to the Moon)

Sending a satellite

To send a satellite to the orbit you still put it to the rocket. The only change is that you get "Planet" Science Packs in return (Nauvis Science Packs for Nauvis, Moon Science Packs for the Moon). Then you can craft these "Planet" Science Packs to Space Science Packs inside an Assembler or use them directly.

Traveling to another planet

Use the Crew Ship and put it in the Rocket Silo matching the planet you want to go (Moon Rocket Silo for traveling to the Moon). Then launch the rocket and wait until you arrive.


Be prepared when you travel to another planet. Only for your first travel the Rocket Silo will be prepared to travel back to Nauvis. After that you need to prepare the rocket and the crew ship by yourself. That means you need to send all needed items to the planet or you need to process the resources on the planet itself. For processing the resources you need to research some technologies first.
In a future version you only can travel to a planet if all necessary technologies are researched.

Sending items to another planet

Build one Rocket Provider Chest and place it in an area of 2 tiles next to the Rocket Silo you want to use (Moon Rocket Silo to send the items to the Moon). Then fill the Rocket Provider Chest with the items you want to send to another planet. Put the Cargo Ship inside the Rocket Silo and launch the rocket.

There needs to be a Rocket Receiver Chest on the destination planet. If there is no one all your items are lost.
For now the items will be send to the first Rocket Receiver Chest that is found on the surface. So it doesn't make sense to build more then one. This will be changed with a future feature that allows you to send items into the orbit of a planet and then request it from there to different chests.

Current limitations

  • This mod isn't working with RSO. RSO doesn't support different resource settings for different surfaces. When RSO is installed an error is shown.
  • It is only possible to use one Space Provider Chest per Rocket Silo. All other chests will be ignored.
  • It is only possible to use one Space Receiver Chest per surface. Additional Chest will not be filled. This will be updated with the introducing of a space logistic system.
  • Using rocket silos inside a blueprint can lead to unconstructed rocket silos when using it on another planet. The reason therefor is that there are rocket silos for each planet and from each planet to each planet. This is needed to use different recipes for rocket parts. It would be possible to put all these recipes inside one rocket silo, but then it is possible to change the rocket parts after a rocket is constructed. With that it would be possible to cheat. For example crafting a rocket to the orbit of Nauvis and then changing the recipe to Nauvis to Moon Rocket Part.
  • You can get stuck at the Moon if you not send enough resources or if you didn't researched the technologies Plastic on the Moon, Ice to Water and Helium3 Liquefaction. Take care that you can come back always. If you're stuck you can use the console to teleport back to Nauvis with /c game.player.teleport({0,0}, 'nauvis')

Features Ideas

You have an idea how this mod can be improved. Create a new thread and share it.

  • Add conditions to travel only to a planet when all necessary technologies for traveling back are researched.
  • Add new or extend infinity technologies that needs to use the Nauvis and Moon Science Packs.
  • Add better rocket fuel to make space traveling more efficient.
  • Use Helium3 to add a fusion reactor.
  • Add stone cracker to transform stone to iron or copper.
  • Add a space logistic system. It will be possible to create a space station for each planet. This station can be extended with more container modules to be able to receive items. These Items can then be requested from the surface to special logistic landing zones.
  • Add more planets.
  • Add space elevator so rockets are not needed anymore.
  • Map support for all planets, no matter on which planet you are.
  • Add space solar panels for each planet and general one which needs to be send close to the sun (Dyson Sphere).
  • Add another tier of crafting machines and modules.
  • If possible add a giant laser that works like the artillery.
  • Add an expensive building that destroys all enemies and removes pollution. The idea behind this is to be able to create a megabase and enjoy the biters until they use to much UPS.
  • Make planets configurable. So everyone can add and remove them like he wants. Will still come with a default configuration.


V 0.1:

  • First incomplete version to add function to create surfaces (planets). This will add Rocket Silos and Rocket Parts by itself. Only the configuration needs to be extended. This is not fully completed and works until now only for the added Moon.
  • Moon planet configuration. The Moon is covered in Regolith that can be processed to other resources, ice to create water and helium3 to create oil and plastic.
  • Cargo Ship, Space Receiver Chest and Space Provider Chest to send items from one planet to another
  • Crew Ship to travel to other planets by yourself.
  • Use enemy and cliff setting from Nauvis.