by Mylon
Roboports automatically place concrete within their reach.
23 days ago
0.14 - 0.18

g Does it do the orange or green area?

- 2 years ago

I'd prefer to only have concrete in the logistics area and not in the construction area. Does it do this?

- 2 years ago

The mod covers all of the way out to the construction radius. I may look into an option to support limiting the radius.

- 2 years ago

Have you looked into this?

- 2 years ago

Concreep now supports configurable range.

- a month ago
(updated a month ago)

i cant go above 100 tiles? its less than usefull now, it doesnt even go up to the construction range?

i fixed it. in settings.lua
type = "int-setting",
name = "concreep range",
setting_type = "runtime-global",
default_value = 1000,
minimum_value = 0,
maximum_value = 10000,
order = "01"

- 27 days ago

Concreep range is given in a percentage. 100 means 100% of the construction range.