Capsule Ammo

by Qon

[Alpha release] Fuse Capsules with ammunition. The capsules are fun, but even more fun when you can use them a bit quicker, without the hassle of switching between them and the deployment being automated when you shoot!

11 days ago
1.0 - 1.1
3 months ago
Latest Version:
0.1.0 (11 days ago)
Factorio version:
1.0 - 1.1
142 times

Alpha release!

Capsule Ammo

is ammo with capsules in it. Craft it with the ammo and capsules you want in it. Research more combinations. Enjoy spending all your resources on capsules! Try some fun capsule combinations instead of just more fire power!

All thrown capsules (included modded ones) can be combined with piercing rounds magazine, explosive rockets, land mines and artillery shells.
Cliff explosives excluded. Atomic bombs and artillery targeting remote counts as a capsule here :)
I'm considering treating land mines placement and/or land mine explosions as capsule effects that you can add to the ammunition types, but that might be a bit over powered.

Levels and options

The mod allows up to 4 types of capsules/ammo item with enough research. But the limit is configurable. But higher numbers don't make much sense anyways, you don't really need 5 capsules deployed at once. Also with a very high number of capsules in an ammo prototype the prototype names (currently) becomes so long that they will either fail to be created or other badly written mods that create new prototypes from the ones in this mod will crash if they don't check that their prototypes don't exceed the limit.

Some options for what research should be necessary and how the recipes should work are included for alpha testing purposes. There's no migration script yet so "Levels only" research will not unlock new capsules added by mods after technology has been researched that should unlock those.


No runtime scripts are used so performance is excellent.
And the ammo works in turrets, tanks, spidertrons etc just like you would expect. It means turrets and remote spidertrons can also have destroyer capsules and similar deployed and following them!

Alpha release

I reserve the right to change prototype names (which means technology becomes un-researched and existing crafted ammo disappears) or just remove and limit features and settings if they don't make sense in my opinion or break the balance too much. But tell me about your usecase, I might be convinced that your playstyle is worth preserving if you like something a lot?

Known issues:

  • Land mines and AP magazines don't apply the atomic bomb explosion correctly currently, so don't waste your atomic bombs on those. Atomic bombs works great in artillery shells and explosive rockets (but that is almost pointless in ER since atomic bombs can be launched directly).
  • Rampant isn't really working properly with CA yet. It was working with an earlier version though.


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