CJs QualityOfLife Research 01

by CJ5Boss
Entered Beta Testing! New researches will be released along with their balance changes. Visit description. This mod adds QoL research to benefit the player. Read the long desc. for more info.
10 months ago
0.16 - 0.17


Actually Changelog 'cause there is no FAQ. Ask your questions in the Discussions and I'll get to them.

-Immediate balance changes for the Lab Productivity Research. Balancing for Lab Speed as well. NOTE: The two no longer coincide.

-Added a new technology: Lab Productivity!
-This new tech coincides with the bonuses and costs of the lab speed research but with a different starting pre-requisite.

-Balance changes to research to make the modifiers more precise

-Added this Changelog to unclutter the "Description" page!

-Minor balance changes
-Made some of the bonuses make more sense

-Balanced out all movement researches to consecutively increase by a set amount to make the effects more neat
-Slight balance fixes

-Increased final inventory bonus by 5 to make the inventory bars even.

-Additional researches for some categories
-Balance changes and fixes

-Fixed that the new science pack names were not used and the mod caused the game to not load. This is now fixed.
-Balance updates to come with the 0.17 update, stay tuned.

-REMOVED: Quickbar Research
-This technology was originally only in the game as a way to also increase inventory size. With the new update, this now does not matter. I may add it back if the two given quickbars are not enough to comply with the additional inventory size from this mod. I will need to look at the balance further first. FEEDBACK IS APPRECIATED.
-REQUIRED: 0.17 Factorio Version
-Balancing for this mod will now go out based on the new costs to make science packs. It is important to have v0.17 to comply. Also, with the current removal of the Quickbar technology, it will not be of as much help to 0.16 and previous users.
-Balance updates to come with the 0.17 update, stay tuned.

-Additional (Player Movement Speed) researches
-Balance changes

What's New in Version 0.4.0:
-2 New Technologies! Credits to Ingolifs for suggestion.
-Rocket Shooting Speed
-Rocket Damage
-These technologies coincide with the parameters of the laser buffs in terms of cost and effect to keep balance.

What's New in Version 0.3.1:
-Bug fix (hopefully). Please verify that 0.16 or 0.17 is running for factorio (if you have access to the latest builds).

What's New in Version 0.3.0:
-Another Large Update! Added TWO New Technologies:
(Laser Turret Damage)
(Laser Turret Speed)
-Minor changes:
--Balance changes

What's New in Version 0.2.0:
-Huge Update! Added FOUR New Technologies:
(Shotgun Shooting Speed)
(Shotgun Damage)
(Magazine Shooting Speed)
(Magazine Damage)
-Minor changes:
--Typos fixed
--Some images resized
--Balance changes

What's New in Version 0.1.44:
-Added balance change to some Artillery Range researches: now requires military science packs

What's new in Version 0.1.43:
-Fixed bug: mod could not load due to an image being the wrong size
-Fixed bug: first set of artillery researches did not have a name due to a typo in the en.cfg

What's new in Version 0.1.42:
-Fixed beta issue and the previous test is complete.

What's new in Version 0.1.41:
-TEST SAVE. Will only be up for a short bit until fixes.

What's new in Version 0.1.4:
-Added a new technology: artillery range increase!
-Balanced this new technology

What's new in Version 0.1.32:
-Fixed a bug that the name of new technology was not displaying properly
-Changed short desc. of info.json

What's new in Version 0.1.31:
-Made a change to the info.json

What's new in Version 0.1.3:
-Added a new technology: mining drill productivity!
-The cost of the mining drill productivity coincides with the cost of player mining speed.

What's New In Version 0.1.22:
-Better balancing and increased bonuses for "reach" technologies
-Also planned: Additional, separate technologies for build-reach-distance and tile-reach-distance, for selecting objects and building them.

What's New In Version 0.1.21:
-Better balancing for hand-crafting technologies

What's New In Version 0.1.2:
-Made the final research bonus bigger for all technologies for better balance

What's New In Version 0.1.1:
-Required version 0.16 for Factorio

Version 0.1.0:
-Full balancing for all technologies
-From this update forward, all updates will be kept here in chronological order.