Black Market (sell and buy on the market) deprecated

Sell and buy items/fluids/energy on the universal black market using trading chests/tanks/accumulators, choosing the frequency of exchanges and related fees. You can now sell your overproduction and buy things that you don't want to craft by yourself. You can also use these trading units as a paying shipment system.
11 months ago
0.13 - 0.17.1


Version: 1.2.1
    - Fix Factorio version reporting on mods portal

Version: 1.2.0
    - update for 0.17

Version: 1.1.2
    - ucoin prices do not fluctuate anymore.

Version: 1.1.1
    - If GoldMining mod is installed, add recipes to craft ucoin from Gold Plate
	- Added fixed price for Gold Plate and Gold Ingot for GoldMining mod.

    - Fixed compatibility with angels bio processing.
    - Removed nonexisting optional dependency FreeTools.
	- Fixed rare bug when loading a saved game without BlackMarket installed and 
	another mods adds a surface.

Version: 1.1.0
    - Simple sell chest is available at Tech 0.
	- Added interface so other mods (TechnologyMarket) can spend credits.
	- Increased market fluctuation so selling the same product is
	less and less profitable over time.

1.0.37	- corrections by CakeDog.
1.0.36	- fluid box "type" becomes "name" (thx to CakeDog)
1.0.35	- add script.on_event(, on_gui_click)
1.0.34	- 0.16
1.0.33	- correction of tank capacity, changed in 0.15. Add a global scroll bar in item list, when too many groups.
1.0.32	- factorio 0.15 compatible
1.0.31	- russian locale by RikkiLook
1.0.30	- add a scrollbar in the objects menu.
1.0.29	- add a test in update_objects_prices_start to avoid resource without mining products...
1.0.28	- factorio 0.14 compatible
1.0.27	- now you can also copy-paste tanks and accus settings.
1.0.26	- add an item group in the crafting menu
		- add 3 tiers of upgrades for traders and associate technos (bigger sizes).
		  (change items/entities/recipes names to have the same length)
1.0.25	- run update_groups after prices to display only priced items/fluids
		- bad credits update on fluids and energy purchase
		- lower ingredients for traders
1.0.24	- introducing signals : auto-all/auto-sell/auto-buy : change automatic mode of connected traders.	
		  on (>1), off (=1), ignore (=0)
1.0.23	- a trader is now created with the default period specified in the main menu.
		- the factorio copy/paste works now on trading chests (shift-rightmouse, shift-leftmouse)
1.0.22	- split groups into all/items/fluids to display only needed groups
1.0.21	- correct a display problem on last sold object + add tooltip with name.
		- change free product handling : they now integrates the original potential ingredient list
		  with nul price.
		- better identification of additionnal resource using mineable_properties of entityprototype.
1.0.20	- correct a problem with some new scenarios (call update_dynamic_prices too soon)
1.0.19	- test version
		- close objects menu when close trader.
		- during pricing, test direct product-recipes to ease things.
		- during pricing, better tag free products (if multiple recipes for 1 product and only one is free (like "repl-"))
		- during pricing, no more special recipe name checking per mod.
		- correct a problem on initial current price calcul
		- price slow return only if price untouched.
		- dynamic pricing is updated once a day.
		- display last period money differently.
		- add a last sold object and price.
1.0.18	- test version
		- reset transactions for map version <= 1.0.14
1.0.17	- test version
		- add update_dynamic_prices() after scan.
1.0.16	- test version
		- bug with forgotten variable tot in evaluate.
		- bug with bad credit value button update while scanning prices.
1.0.15	- test version
		- correct a problem with traders not closed properly if another one opened too quick.
		- problem with update_groups() when no player_mem
1.0.14	- test version
		- add technos for sell/buy fluids and energy (trading tanks, trading accumulators)
		  Note that unit for energy trading is MJ.
		- add dynamic pricing, using a simplified law of supply and demand
		  (the more players sell one object, the more its price decreases,
		  the more players buy one object, the more its price increases)
		  This dynamic pricing is for the whole map, not only one force.
		  When untouched, an object price return slowly to its original price.
1.0.13	- skip orders that are too expensive, and try next ones.
		- rebalance vanilla resource prices. Oil must be more expensive than other resources,
		  coal is cheaper, water is cheaper.
1.0.12	- clean also transactions when cleaning orders.
		- limit number or orders to 99 in buying chest.
		- increase buttons number to 1-999.
		- disable any GUI during scanning.
1.0.11	- avoid double scan (manual scan while automatic is done).
		- simplify code, enrich debug prices.
1.0.10	- scan recipes in background, using on_tick, showing progress so that user can be patient... :-)
		- correct bug on tax on ucoins selling.
		- do not "unknown" remaining ingredients that are correct but linked to recipes with missing ingredients or
		  looped ingredients.
1.0.9	- correct new resources not added to initial pass.
		- do not parse hidden recipes
1.0.8	- return to manual prices scan, to avoid long waiting times for people having lots of mods and doing a lot
		  of install/uninstall. But display a warning message to advice the user to do a manual rescan in case of
		  mods change.
1.0.7	- unofficial test version
		- correct a problem with random product recipes.
		- at the beginning, try to identify and separate original resources/undeclared resources/free items/unknow items
		- include a max loop number in the main scan process
		- export now generates a list of these special items, ready to be edited and included into config.lua .
1.0.6	- automatically rescan prices if any mod change. Also clean chests orders of uninstalled items.
		- new prices scan routine from bottom to top. Should better handle loop recipes.
		- Export now generates a list of unpriced items, ready to be edited and included into config.lua
		  in case user wants to apply specific prices to these unknown items...
		- New icons with horizontal chevron arrows to represent "from $" (buy) and "to $" (sell).
1.0.5	- avoid crash when browsing an unpriced object (if user forgot to rescan when installing mod)
1.0.4	- set unpriced objects to 999 (mostly no-ingredients objects)
		- exclude zrecycling recipes.
		- add a few special items to config.lua (gems, etc...), that were not declared as resources.
1.0.3	- at first pass, exclude some recipes by their name/prefix to avoid bad recipes (boxing, replicator, barrels, reverse factory, etc...)
1.0.2	- correct a problem with strange recipes that has products with amount undefined.
1.0.1	- implement forces merging
		- bug on item price in order
1.0.0	- initial release