Produce science packs and rocket parts using biological and renewable materials

4 months ago
0.13 - 1.1
4 years ago
Latest Version:
1.01.00 (4 months ago)
Factorio version:
0.13 - 1.1
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This mod provides a separate tech track using renewable materials and neural circuitry to produce all science packs except military and can be used to produce rocket parts. The main feature is the photosynthesis panel that pulls CO2 (and pollution) out of the air to produce new resources. The panel produces sugar solution that can be used (at lower efficiency, light oil gives top efficiency) in a fuel cell or is processed in a bioreactor for producing vat grown wood, carbon, oil... Silica and glass can be produced by mining sand. These are the source materials for circuits, science packs and rocket parts.

It's meant for those who want to do Factorio without feeling guilty for the massive environmental degradation.

- Bio reactor
- Sand mining
- Artificial photosynthesis panel to convert pollution to resources
- Fuel cell for cleaner energy production

- Neural circuits
- Science packs production
- Rocket parts production
- Oil production
- Simple wood production
- Wood used for construction
- Trees planting for decoration

v0.18.2: Incorporate fix for recipes from FallenPaladin and Pi-C
v0.18.1: Incorporate changes from DrawfTech
v0.18.0: Updated for Factorio 0.18
v0.17.1: Changes for error on configuration changed
v0.17.0: Update for new version
v0.16.*: Thank you NaliLord for updating!
v0.15.5: Fixed module support
v0.15.4: Changed oil and solid fuel recipe for better energy contents. Added Korean translation (credit Ikamusme)
v0.15.3: Fixed tech icons, fixed burner sand miner.
v0.15.2: Research biomodule sooner, added crafting green circuit so production of high-tech science pack is possible using only bio materials, integrated biotech extended.
v0.15.1: Removed pipe connection scripts for compatibility with other mods.
v0.15.0: Changed the science packs in Factorio 0.15 . Some ingredients used by science packs, like engine units and assemblers can now also be produced using Biotech.
v0.1.9: Lower fuel value for wooden fence, replaced fuel cell graphic, fuel cell can rotate, fuel cell more efficient for sugar solution, added module slots, removed internal solar panel for photosynthesis panel.
v0.1.8: Reduced amount wood produced, appended a few descriptions
v0.1.7: Fixed pixel in piping, spelling mistake, fixed solar panel research, added plastic recipe
v0.1.6: Advanced photosynthesis panels for less surface use
v0.1.5: Changed production balance of oil. Changed sand mining speed. Bio solar panel generates/uses more energy for more correct power drain at night.
v0.1.4: Changed glass icon and name. Changed production balance and fuel value for carbon, wood and optic fiber
v0.1.3: New graphics for bioreactor and carbon. Glass pipes more fragile.
v0.1.2: Updated license, glass pipes, vanilla battery can be crafted from capacitance gel pack
v0.1.1: Unique graphics for the circuit boards. Interface card to convert biotech into electronic tech.