Bigger Batteries

by Raeon

Additional tiers of batteries for all your equipment grid needs. Completely configurable!

1 year, 3 months ago
0.15 - 0.17
2 years ago
Latest Version:
1.0.4 (1 year, 3 months ago)
Factorio version:
0.15 - 0.17
11736 times

Bigger Batteries

Do you ever feel the need for even more energy storage in your power armor? Maybe you want to kill lots of those pesky biters using your Portable Laser Defense without waiting for your batteries to refill. Or do you perhaps want increased mobility when using the Induction Charging mod? No matter your motivations, if you want more battery capacity, then this mod is for you!


Bigger Batteries adds up to twelve tiers of batteries (up to "Battery MK14"). On default settings, every tier of battery requires 4 batteries of the previous tier plus 20 Processing Units to craft, and has exactly twice the capacity of the previous tier. This produces the following table:

Battery Vanilla Capacity Regular battery cost
Battery Yes 20MJ 1
Battery MK2 Yes 100MJ 10
Battery MK3 No 200MJ 40
Battery MK4 No 400MJ 160
Battery MK5 No 800MJ 640
Battery MK6 No 1.6GJ 2,560
Battery MK7 No 3.2GJ 10,240
Battery MK8 No 6.4GJ 40,960

See the configuration for more information.


This mod is completely customizable. You can change how much you want the research to cost, how many batteries it takes to make one of a higher tier, etcetera. You can find all settings from the main menu by going to Options > Mods > Startup > Bigger Batteries. The full settings list is as follows:

Setting Default Description
Amount of added tiers 6 Amount of battery tiers that the mods add (up to 12, inclusive).
Basic recipe ingredient multiplier per tier 1 The highest tier vanilla battery (MK2) costs 20 Processing Units to craft. If this multiplier is set to 2, then the next tier of battery will take 40 Processing Units to craft.
Amount of batteries required for one of next tier 4 The amount of batteries that the recipe takes for any given tier.
Battery capacity multiplier per tier 2 The capacity for any given tier is (this setting) * (capacity of previous tier).
Battery technology cost multiplier per tier 2 The amount of science packs needed of all types at that tier is determined by (this setting) * (science packs needed by previous tier).
Require additional science pack type every .. tiers 2 The MK2 battery already costs Science Pack 1/2/3 to research. Every (this setting) tiers, a new type will be added from the list: Production Science Pack, High Tech Science Pack, Space Science Pack.

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Feature / Change request

I'd love to hear your feedback! If you have some, or you would like to see a new functionality added, then please use the discussion page! I'm looking forward to reading what your thoughts are.


Version Notes
1.0.4 Updated for 0.17. No thumbnail yet.
1.0.3 Fixed compatability issue with another mod
1.0.2 Updated for 0.16.
1.0.1 Reduced "Amount of batteries required for one of next tier" by one (5 -> 4).
1.0.0 Initial release