Atomic Artillery Remote

by slyh23

Atomic Artillery Turrets, Wagons, and Remote

2 months ago
3 months ago
Latest Version:
0.3.0 (2 months ago)
Factorio version:
1733 times

This is an enhancement for Atomic Artillery.
It creates a custom ammunition type for Atomic Artillery shells, which requires its own turret and its own targeting remote.


When I have expensive Atomic Artillery Shells and use the remote, then I want to shoot the Atomic Artillery Shells.
I do not want some random artillery turret to shoot a simple shell into that large biter base.
On the other hand I do not want Atomic Artillery Shells to fire to kill the single stray worm.

How it works

This mod defines a ammunition type for the Atomic Artillery and duplicates
the Artillery entities (turret, wagon, and targeting remote) to shoot Atomic shells.

This gives you more control over the artillery, with two targeting remotes you can
place different target markers for "normal" Artillery and Atomic Artillery.

Unfortunately this also requires separate Turret building for the different kinds of
Artillery. It is no longer possible to interchange Artillery shells and
Atomic Artillery shells in the same Turret.

I did not try to change much of the balancing. All recipes require a new late-game
technology and the atomic artillery shells are quite expensive (the shell recipe is
copied from Atomic Artillery);
the turrets and wagons are only small modifications of the original
artillery turrets and wagons.



This mod could use some graphics.

So far I created very simple item icons for the remote and a turret with a green dot,
in order to distinguish the atomic items in the inventory.

There is no entity graphic for the placed turrets or wagons, so these
look the same and only a mouse-over will show the different entity names.


When you add this mod to an existing save game will disable all Artillery turrets and wagons
with Atomic artillery shells (because the ammo type no longer matches).

When you remove this mod all its entities are removed from the game.


Atomic artillery has the same "automatic" behaviour as plain artillery;
it will fire on every enemy worm or spawner in range.


So far the mod "works for me", on its own and in combination with the
Artillery Bombardment Remote.

More feedback is welcome.