0.17 science conversion deprecated

# DEPRECATED AS OF 2019-03-31T22:13:01 - SUPPORT PHASE ENDED Adds in the new science pack recipes and known tech tree, while keeping 0.16 recipes intact so that the player may update their base at their own pace. Implements almost all 0.17 balance changes: transport-belt, mining, smelting changes, and more (see page for full list). Compatible with existing saves, most big mods and will support release 0.17! IMPORTANT NOTE: Version 0.1.6 of this mod is the last working version of the mod. Version 0.1.7 of the mod will be only for migrating saves to the official 0.17.
2 months ago
0.16 - 0.17
Owner: morley376
Source: npc-strider/017-science-transition-mod
Homepage: http://steamcommunity.com/id/morley376
License: MIT
Created: 4 months ago
Latest Version: 0.1.7 (2 months ago)
Factorio version: 0.16 - 0.17
Downloaded: 5668 times



0.17 released. Version 0.1.7 is the first release of the migration version (the point of which is to remove this mod from the world without causing issues), I haven't rigorously tested it but works for default settings. Always make sure to have a backup of the save before migration! Note that I won't be releasing many patches for reported bugs for the next few weeks.

Both recipes are retained so that base builders can convert their production lines to the new science format while being able to continue research as usual with the existing recipes.

Mod spotlight by SeeNo (German): https://youtu.be/VkFDTNwyZrI

Mod spotlight by Xterminator (Old version): https://youtu.be/HZfD01IjGQk


  1. It is advised that you check the mod settings or read the list. Most features can be disabled there.
  2. A warning to all pyanodon high-tech mod or seablock pack users: you must disable the tech-tree changes (as they cause dependancy loops)
  3. I have chosen NOT to implement the weapon bonuses simplification in this mod, as it is unknown how the developers will implement compatibility with older saves. Additionally, I don't want to break existing saves and make them 'unfit' for 0.17.

All changes from 0.17 included in the mod

  1. Science pack recipes (FFF-275)
  2. Low-density-structures has been changed to 20x copper plate, 2x steel plate, 5x plastic bar as stated in FFF #275. (Note that the expensive mode material costs have been defined by me, and are not official.)
  3. Transport-belt throughput buff
  4. Mining and smelting speed changes
  5. Removal of assembler item limit.
  6. Removal of rocket shooting speed as a prerequisite from the rocket-silo technology. The rocket-silo technology itself and its prerequisites no longer requires military science packs
  7. 0.17 tech-tree, complete with individual science-pack recipes (see #12) and other technologies (rocket-fuel, rocket-control-unit, low-density-structure and lubricant), as well as some changes to the electric-engine. See this image from FFF-275 for most of these examples: https://cdn.factorio.com/assets/img/blog/fff-275-23-rocket-silo-tech-tree-full.png. [NOTE: If this option is disabled, the rocket intermediates will be present in earlier technologies]
  8. Atomic bomb requires rocket-control-units in place of processing units (FFF-257)
  9. Power armor mk2 now uses mk.2 modules instead of mk.3 and requires advanced electronics 2 as a prerequisite technology (FFF-245)
  10. Mining-tools (axes) are now inserted into the player's tool slot when unlocked and are uncraftable. This aims to reflect the changes proposed in FFF-266
  11. Armor (+mining-tools) has inf. durability to reflect changes stated here: https://forums.factorio.com/viewtopic.php?p=384185#p384185. IMPORTANT NOTE: DO NOT DISABLE THIS OPTION IN AN EXISTING SAVE. Doing so will create infinite armor/tools
  12. low-density-structure is now used in 'high-tech' modular armor equipment (FFF-257). PLEASE NOTE that the values used are NOT OFFICIAL and are calculated by a formula (see settings for more information). If you are a modder and want your item to be affected by this mod please start a new thread in discussions.
  13. Belt-immunity-equipment tech unlock and recipe (FFF-256)
  14. Dedicated science pack technologies (FFF-275 & FFF-245). Note that these technologies are prerequsites of higher technologies through a lua script (to work with mods). The paths in 0.17 release may appear slightly different. The costs and time-per-unit of these techs are not official, but balanced from existing techs.
  15. Pack type rebalancing (FFF-275 & FFF-245). Some production-science-pack consuming technologies will consume utility-science-packs in 0.17, vice versa, or have one of the two removed entirely. This is mainly based of FFF-275. For example, effect-transmission (beacons) use production-science-packs instead of utility-science-packs.
  16. Nuclear-fuel-reprocessing is greatly discounted (-1000 units) as stated in FFF-275: "The Nuclear fuel cell reprocessing is also drastically cheaper as it does not do nearly as much as we once thought it would" -V453000
  17. Victory condition for the game reflects FFF-275: "you now win the game by launching an empty rocket" -V.
  18. New ore icons

The final version of this mod (post 0.17) will contain a migration script so that the mod can be uninstalled without issues

IMPORTANT NOTE: Version 0.1.6 of this mod is the last working version of the mod. Version 0.1.7 of the mod will be only for migrating saves to the official 0.17.

V 0.1.7 of the mod will allow you to remove it from your world. Expect some delays for this final migration version (real life stuff.) Thank you for participating in this Aperture Science computer-aided enrichment activity. Goodbye!


20190301: 0.1.7: Initial release of the migration mod. May contain bugs (have not tested all cases)
20190223: 0.1.6: Fixed recipes in other mods which require mining-tools. FINAL WORKING VERSION OF THE MOD, 0.17 will be for only migrating existing saves and won't have any more content. | 20190223: 0.1.6-1: Add a quick check
20190216: 0.1.5: Belt speed changes affect loader mods based on the base factorio loader entity
20190131: 0.1.4: Made logistics-3 not require production-3 and add ore icons
20190121: 0.1.3: Fixed victory bug
20190120: 0.1.2: Fixed some tech tree bugs with some overhaul mods
20190117: 0.1.1: Military science pack technology
20190116: 0.1.0: Release version, complete with most changes from 0.17! Added the remaining individual technologies and made the migration system more robust.
20190115: 0.0.17: Added space-science-pack technology, satellites are no longer required as rocket payload for victory and fixed some edge cases with migration scripts.
20190114: 0.0.16: Fixed old-science option (forgot to account for tech prototype name change)
20190114: 0.0.13 & 0.0.14 & 0.0.15: Add catch to technology prerequisite generation function to fix startup error, fixed localization
20190113: 0.0.12: See 12, 13 and 14. All should be variable in options (tech costs, discount, time cost, etc.). Migration script and tech-tree appears to work, but is tested only in light modded environments (some of Archangel's mods)
20190112: 0.0.11: Added belt-immunity-equipment tech+recipe, made 'high tech' (mk2, or requiring processing-unit) modular armor equipment require LDS in the recipes (values are NOT official). Fixed mining-tool control.lua bug
20190111: 0.0.10: Added inf. durability armor/mining-tools. Mining-tools are now uncraftable, instead are inserted into the player's inventory by unlocking the technology. Let me know if you discover an edge-case with the latter feature.
20190110: 0.0.9: Power armor changes + option for minor crafting changes (atom bomb + power armor mk2)
20190108: 0.0.8: Add old LDS recipe to disable old science recipes option
20190106: 0.0.7: Fixed conflict with Angel's refining technology override code.
20190106: 0.0.6: Changed atomic bomb recipe to use RCUs (FFF-257), added option to make old recipes hidden (but still retained in assemblers; option enabled by default) and moved RCUs and rocket fuel to lower recipes (to allow atomic bomb and nuclear fuel before the silo unlock)
20190105: 0.0.5: Added 0.17 changes (mining & smelting time changes, conveyor speed & assembler item limit removal). They can be disabled in settings if they break modded recipe balance. Big thanks to Dimava for the PR.
20190103: 0.0.4: 0.17 low-density-structure costs now a separate recipe (to avoid breaking resource consumption of existing bases) and removed LDS unlock from rocket-silo tech (redundant)
20190103: 0.0.3: productivity support, chems now output 2
20190101: 0.0.2: spelling