Mods by MaxelDel

Advanced Modules

Adds advanced and combied Versions of Modules and 9 new Beacons. Reduces the Price of all Modules, makes Efficency Modules cheaper than other Modules. Adds Pollution Reduction to Efficency Modules. Added Modules: Pure Speed and Pure Productivity ranging from MK1-MK6. Added Beacons: Efficiency Beacon, Speed Beacon and Productivity Beacon ranging from MK1-MK3. After the Game has finished you can create God Modules
19 days ago

FactorioExtended Plus-Machines Fix 0.17

Fixes Pollution, Speed and Health off Maschines. From 0.16 to 0.17 there ware a couple of changes to the crafting speed of machines (Chemical Plant, Centrifuge). I also changed the pollution of every machine to Cleaner Numbers, because the Developers change the pollution System entirely.
16 hours ago

FactorioExtended Plus-Module

Adds a Mk4 Modules and 2 new Beacons.
a day ago