Additional turrets

by sore68

Adds more turrets and shells.

4 years ago
0.14 - 0.15
The Unlicense (Public Domain)
5 years ago
Latest Version:
0.1.8 (4 years ago)
Factorio version:
0.14 - 0.15
57171 times

Additional turrets


This mod offers a variety of turrets and shells. And 6 turret upgrades.

Each turret shoots or throws Cannon shell, Rocket, Beam, Laser, Artillery shell, Capsule and Acid solution.
The three turrets (Howitzer, Capsule flower, Destroyer) can be loaded through a logistics robot.

Added new shells are not piercing.
And each shells have a ability.

Turret Damage upgrade becomes increasingly powerful.
But it is much more expensive.

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Cannon and Rocket turrets

-Easily prevent a large number of enemies.

Advanced laser turret

-Advanced type of laser turret.

Prototype electron beam turret

-Less developed electron beam turret.

Enhanced electron beam turret

-Developed electron beam turret.

Acidthrower turret

-Fires an acidic substance.


-Long-distance howitzer that attacks spawner.

Capsule Flower

-Turret throwing capsule.


0.1.8(2017/06/03): Fix : Die, Ammo setting bugs.
0.1.7(2017/05/29): Add : Early cannon shell and rocket, Change : Tech resource.
0.1.6(2017/05/25): Change : Modify the resources and order of Tech, Fix : Artillery shot error.
0.1.5(2017/05/14): Change : Set 0.15, Sync radar scan sector and artillery shoot, Reduced radar basic scan area. Delete : Artillery range tech.
0.1.4(2017/03/01): Fix : Load game crash.
0.1.3(2017/02/22): Change : operable artillery inventory, reduce artillery shells damage, Fix : Versepelles' Alien Farm mod crash.
0.1.2(2017/02/19): Add : Ammo stack size change mod(big bag...), Change : Capsules list, Fix : ammo drain, small bugs
0.1.1(2017/02/08): Fix : Artillery range tech
0.1.0(2017/02/07): Add : Macromanaged Turrets mod, Acid turret fluid, Change : Artillery has request chest, Construct turrets with robot, All turrets(Howitzer, Capsule flower, Destroyer) return newer.
0.0.29(2017/01/20): Change Acid -> Acidic compound, Lower the artillery price and increase performance. Fix GUI[Advanced Settings] bug.
0.0.28(2017/01/10): Change Artillery's electronic power area, Config.limit_builder -> global.limit_builder in GUI. Assists the Predictabowl Enemies mod(change artillery shell's damage).
0.0.27(2017/12/26): Delete walls and gates, Add Config.limit_builder, Altered to Predictabowl Enemies mod, Change acid resistance value.
0.0.26(2016/12/26): Delete config code(fly_cannon), Add acid resistance when have a fire resistance and not acid resistance.(e.g. train rail..), Improving Howitzer shell damage when detect bob's warfare or enemies is extracted, Improving Howitzer shell shot speed.
0.0.25 (2016/12/13): Add config(fly_cannon, enemy_corps_time), Add Howitzer range tech, Change Destroyer function and damage.
0.0.24 (2016/12/05): Add gui, Heavy howitzer max range = 300.
0.0.23 (2016/11/30): Fix Destroyer turret not die, and return cannon shells when Withdraw.
0.0.22 (2016/11/25): Fix small errors. Change Heavy howitzer entity(Minor version of Experimental heavy howitzer)
0.0.21 (2016/11/24): Fix migrations error.
0.0.20 (2016/11/22): Fix freezing shot code in Destroyer.
0.0.19 (2016/11/22): Add shot sounds in Experimental heavy howitzer. Add Capsule flower (new turret). Add Destroyer (new turret). Reshuffle turret names. Adjust some balance.
0.0.18 (2016/11/05): Fix Experimental heavy howitzer's delay error.
0.0.17 (2016/10/26): Change reset tech code. Reset some turrets and shells(change entity name). Change wall resistances. Change Advanced laser turret damage.
0.0.16 (2016/10/19): Fix test texts
0.0.15 (2016/10/19): Change laser turrets image, Change Experimental heavy howitzer's code. Fix a typo.
0.0.14 (2016/10/12): Add Advanced laser turret and change some entity. Add capsule (Request fire support) and Experimental heavy howitzer is maximum 10 build.
0.0.13 (2016/10/10): Change some Experimental heavy howitzer code.
0.0.12 (2016/10/07): Add Howitzer and shell only.
0.0.11 (2016/10/05): Adjust the balance.
0.0.10 (2016/09/30): Add Enhanced laser turret and 2 Howitzer & Each of the shells only, Adjust the balance.
0.0.9 (2016/09/26): Add Prototype laser turret and Symbolic reinforced stone wall.
0.0.8 (2016/09/25): Roll back all icons. change some entity.
0.0.7 (2016/09/22): Add Acidthrower turret and Acid & Fire shells. Change all icons.
0.0.6 (2016/09/12): Adjust the balance.
0.0.5 (2016/09/08): Add new cannon shell and rocket, change some entity.
0.0.4 (2016/09/03): Add two mk2 turrets and upgrade, change recipe and entity.
0.0.3 (2016/08/29): Change picture and add rocket turret upgrade & small rocket.
0.0.2 (2016/08/27): Change name and factorio version. (factorio 14)
0.0.1 (2016/08/13): Initial release. (factorio 13)