PyCoal Touched By an Angel deprecated

Seven Mods for the Arch666Angel under the sky, Seventeen for the Bobingabout in their halls of stone, Six for Pyanodon doomed to die, One for the Dark Lord on his dark throne, In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie, One Mod to rule them all, one Mod to find them, One Mod to bring them all and in the darkness bind them

1 year, 7 months ago
0.15 - 1.1
4 years ago
Latest Version:
1.0.2 (1 year, 7 months ago)
Factorio version:
0.15 - 1.1
63069 times

Patch to make Pymods compatible with other mods.

compatible mods
-AAI Industries
-Angels mods
-Bobs mods
-Bio Industries
-Mad Clowns

includes fixes for:

the patch merges any duplicate items between mods, fixes any issues that stop game progress and attempts to balance recipes

please post any bugs, issues, suggestions, comments, and hate mail on the forum page.

0.0.5- Updated to .16
0.0.6 - fixed a missing pycoal mineral water recipe that was overrode by angels mineral water recipe
0.0.7 - adjusted starting equipment for aai-industry
0.0.8 - added icon_size to all recipes to fix an error
0.0.9 - Fixed an issue with a number of angels mk 1 building still using bobs circuit in their recipes instead of the new pcb substrate from pyhightech
0.0.10 - merged a number of duplicate items and fixed a few recipes in angels mods that would deadend into old bobs items. i.e paper to wooden boards, glass-fibers to fiberglass boards
0.0.11 - Fixed issues with fiberboard having double glass when only pycoal was active with bobs electronics. fixed borax mine was still using the pycoal syngas. started internal reorganization to fix issues caused by only have some bobs mods active
0.0.12 - small update to fix a misspelling in the check for bob electronics that was disallowing several overrides on recipes that output bobs old boards
0.0.13 - fixed issue with nitro-benzene recipe wasn't unlock-able. start compatibility process on madclowns mods. phosphorus ore and phosphoric-acid have been merged
0.0.14 - fixed that madclown and pyhightech had a duplicate recipe name and disabled the recipe needed to make phosphine gas
0.0.15 - fixed phosphate mine was still using pymods syngas. merged clay, sodium chlorate, epichlorohydrin gas, acetic acid. coded in a function to adjust bobs and pymods to use more sulfuric acid do to angel sulfuric acid re-balance. made a setting to disable sulfuric acid re-balance from ingame mod setting menu. added settings for infinite borax and niobium. added infinite borax and niobium. only infinite borax is spawning right now. added borax to angels refining. added niobium to angels refining- bugged and isnt activating like it should, will be fixed soon
0.0.16 - fixed issues with infinite niobium not spawning. fixed infinite borax and infinite niobium on/off setting wasn't working. created toggle for infinite molybdenum ore and moved all 3 ore refining opens to appear even if infinite ore disabled. hopefully fixed bug with borax.png
0.0.17 - fixed missing check for optional bio processing. started work on a productivity modifier for spacex. add compatibility for Bio Industries (merged fertilizer and ash). added compatibility for omnimatter (merged pymods ores into omni ore).
0.0.18 - temp disabled normal/expensive ingredient item replace code as it breaks with aaii active. only handled one time right now anyway. manually input item swap.
0.0.19 - fixed issues with sometimes bobs module didnt get switched over to pyhightech components. fixed issue with pyscience still using electrum plate. fixed error with checks with bio industries trying to merge fertilizer with py-fertilizer when pyhightech wasn't enabled.
0.0.20 - Added py ores to madclowns extended materials ore sorting. disabled spacex productively multiplier as it was causing some issues. organized dependency list to be in alphabetical order because i felt like it.
0.0.21 - Fixed the issue with blue science needing blue science to unlock ingredients. added compatibility for deadlockstackingforpyanodons. added setting option to remove pymod ores from angels sorting methods and they can only be gathered by py methods. defaults to angels sorting being turned on.
0.0.22 - adjusted code to attempt to fix MP load issues to to conditional requirements in data.lua files. combined angels and py ethylene fluids. added settings to enable and disable finite py ores independent of infinite py ores patch and them being part of angels sorting. fixed issue with pyangels not being able to load without bobs mods active.
0.0.23 - fixed error with pyht overrides when trying to load without angels mods active
0.0.24 - Merged raw meat and meat. added blood and bones to animals in bioprocessing when pyfusion and/ or pyht is active. added recipes to crush processed ores to get a boost when using the angels smelting chains
0.0.25 - added proper change log to mod with 5 most recent changes. any new updates will only be listed in the change log.