Peace Mod deprecated

by cullyn
Completely removes enemies and allows alien artifacts to be mined instead. Updated to Factorio 0.12 by Secretchaos
2 years ago
0.13.0 - 0.14.0
Owner: cullyn
Source: N/A
Homepage: N/A
License: MIT
Created: 3 years ago
Latest Version: 0.1.3 (2 years ago)
Factorio version: 0.13.0 - 0.14.0
Downloaded: 6651 times

Original forum thread

This mod completely removes enemies from the game, allowing the player to play the game in a peaceful way.

Twist: Enemy loot (alien artifacts) can still be acquired from a new alternative source.

- RSO compatible
- No enemy bases and no enemy spawning.
- Most military technologies have been removed for less clutter in tech tree. Some exceptions:
- Shotguns and flamethrowers kept for rock and tree clearing.
- Armors are kept for exoskeletons and protection from running trains.
- Walls and gates are kept for aesthetics value
- The rocket defense technology is still available if needed.

Alien artifacts can be made from a new source: Alien ore. (Amount can be configured on the Map Generation screen)

Two modes for acquiring Alien artifacts
Simple mode:
Mining an alien ore patch will simply yield alien artifacts but at a very low speed.

Advanced mode: (Default)
Mining an alien ore patch will yield alien ore.

Smelting alien ore will result in alien shards. (Requires Alien technology research)

Combining sulfuric acid and alien ore will result in alien goo. (Requires Alien technology research)

Crafting alien shards with alien goo will result in alien artifacts. (Requires Alien technology research)

You can change some parameters in config.lua in the mod folder:

true = Mining alien ore will directly result in alien artifacts. Mining will be much longer than normal and amount will be more limited. No new recipe is added to the game.
false(default) = Alien ore can be used in new recipes to get alien artifacts.

true(default) = Most military tech is removed from the game except for some exceptions that still add value to the peaceful game play.
false = No changes are made to tech trees so all technologies are available like in a normal game.

If you are having compatibility issues with 5dims i've posted a version on the forums that doesn't disable the military technologies.

This Mod was Written by Vachu
0.12 compatibility by Secretchaos
0.13 compatibility by leffe108
0.13 compatibility by cullyn
0.14 compatible by cullyn