EfficienSee (optimise your factory !)

Optimise your factory efficiency ! Check your production rates per items and recipes, hunting for under or over production, and display underemployed, blocked or starved machines on the map: useful to see where are the weak links in your production chain.
1 year, 7 months ago
0.13 - 0.16
Owner: binbinhfr
Source: N/A
Homepage: https://forums.factorio.com/viewtopic...
License: Unnamed license
Created: 3 years ago
Latest Version: 1.0.54 (1 year, 7 months ago)
Factorio version: 0.13 - 0.16
Downloaded: 22059 times

For details, complete screenshots, discussion, suggestions, questions or bug reports, please use the dedicated thread on the forum (link above), because there is no email notifications on this portal for the moment.


on big factories, expect a little longer loading time (up to 10-15 seconds) at the first installation of the mod, or at mod upgrades (time to rescan recipes, machines and some production stats).


  • include some virtual signals on circuit network ?


1.0.52 - crash with alien science pack that disappeared
1.0.51 - factorio 0.14 compatible, change B key to Ctrl-B (collision with new blueprint key)
1.0.50 - correct problem in add_recipe_line
1.0.49 - correct problem in on_research_finished
1.0.48 - minor debug bug
1.0.47 - factorio 0.14 compatible
1.0.44 - add a ALT+B hotkey to reset counter without opening interface.
1.0.43 - adapt code to new LUA Product type "item" / "fluid" instead of 0/1.
1.0.42 - correct : auto-refresh was disabled...
1.0.41 - correct a very rare bug found by Qon with the Instant Blueprint mod that
uses revive on the ghost of an object that was never created (so no on_creation event...)
1.0.40 - avoid recipe scanning of forces enemy and neutral, to save memory and loading time.
- complete history with other missed consultations.
- correct a problem while merging forces in MP.
1.0.39 - correct a bug when selecting an object belonging to another force.
1.0.38 - add a recipes and items browsers to open any recipe/item.
click on the main icon of recipe or object pane to open it.
- separate assemblers/furnaces/drills computation on 6 different ticks to release cpu stress
+ 1 tick to refresh window + 1 desync tick for polling selected machine.
- when resetting data (after install or mod change), reset counters to current time,
to show consistent data (total numbers are disturbing beginners).
- use machine mem recipe to toggle furnaces on-map infos per recipe.
- use machine mem mined entity to toggle drills on-map infos per ore.
- now update machine buttons color (double arrow) depending on the display status of on-map infos.
- add a show hidden recipe checkbox, with hidden recipes names in orange
- create a real help window
1.0.35 - following a discussion with devs, is_crafting() is not accurate for what we need here
and behave differently depending on machine types if output or input are blocked.
So let's check if the progress bar moving or not...
- a furnace which is not working losts its recipe, so we have to memorize it if we want to
count it correctly in the recipe count and do not have a changing number of furnaces...
- better adjust number of working machines per recipe.
1.0.34 - correct a problem with hidden recipes (should be recorded but not shown)
- correct a complex problem with fluid output blocked on multiple output recipes.
- can now call 'N' key on a pipe or an offshore pump to read its fluid.
1.0.32 - correct a problem with output block detection on furnaces that do not work like assemblers...
- correct locale problem on keys.
- add crafting message at the bottom of main GUI if hovering a machine.
1.0.31 - add technology infos on recipe + research status + button to research techno.
- can now call 'N' on a lab to display higher available science pack recipe and item.
- add more tooltips
- clean and revamp some sprites
1.0.29 - improved global reinit when reseting data.
1.0.28 - change the name of the object pane into item or fluid.
- suppress the 99% test on the assembler to detect output full.
- set unemployment green to 80% because of rough calculation when assembler is speedy.
1.0.27 - correct a problem with output block detection on assemblers output inventory that
stop feeding before full stack size...
1.0.26 - update dependencies to avoid pb with old factorio versions...
1.0.25 - corrects a calculation problem on working furnace/assemblers blocked at output.
1.0.24 - can now read a fluid from a storage tank with 'N'.
- simplify on_config event, better detect other mod modifs to avoid duplicate reset data.
- adapt to new find_entities working on whole surface.
Due to past memory problems, to clean your map file from possible unwanted data,
if upgrading from mod v < 1.0.24,
I recommand uninstalling the mod, loading your map, saving it to clean mod internal data.
Then reinstalling the last mod version from scratch.
The better would even be to start from an old map save that never saw the mod before... :-)

1.0.23 - correct a bug while loading machines at the beginning (assemblers and furnaces were inversed in machine stats!).
1.0.22 - correct a bug/crash while uninstalling a big recipes mod : need to freshly recreate
recipes list and not only updating it. (bad use of table.remove)
1.0.21 - now mining drills and pumpjack are taken into account as machines (like assemblers and furnaces)
You can see if they are working using 'B' and browse their ore stats with 'N'.
- correct a bug if opening window with a no-recipe-assembler.
1.0.20 - now, in the GUI, you can click the main recipe or object buttons with an object in
your hand to browse the corresponding recipe or item.
- correct a possible gui problem with recipe duplicated in ingredients and products list.
1.0.19 - minor gui change
1.0.18 - due to big memory problems with some users using many mods and recipes,
I had to rewrite all the core once again, with less stored data.
- new way to manage/update machine counts.
- delete total machine counts from recipe line and put them once on the bottom line
1.0.16 - basically a revert to 1.0.13 because of memory problems with users with lots of mods.
I work on this.
1.0.15 - revamp all data, to minimise useless calculations, and optimise data refresh
- add production rate in recipes list, with a filter on unused recipes, to
lighten this potentially huge list (on the "ingredient of" side).
- default polling time to 88/60 s (now that everything is quite optimized)
1.0.13 - new GUI : no more main list, too cpu consuming and too big and thus useless.
- 1 single window with 1 recipe pane, and one object/product-of/ingredients-of pane.
- use B on selected machine to toggle on-map infos of the corresponding family.
- if no machine selected, B toggles all on-map infos machines on/off.
- use N on selected machine to display recipe in main window.
- if no machine selected, N opens/closes the main window.
- Help button to display a short help.
1.0.11 - correct problem with rocket-parts and hidden recipes.
1.0.10 - forgot the debug mode on in 1.0.9... please update to avoid strange messages !
1.0.9 - better init surface scan to avoid duplicate big assemblers (oil refinery)
- now assemblers/furnaces stats are only computed since their on-map info is enabled.
(average employement rates are calculated from this moment : hiding this on-map
info resets the corresponding data)
- option to disable to whole mod (click window main icon does it too).
- default polling time to 116/60 s
- minor bugs
1.0.8 - bug auto refresh disabled...
1.0.7 - revamp on-the-map assemblers/furnaces display in one single icon :
- the color of the icon shows the average employement rate (red<50%<yellow<95%<green)
- the shape shows immediate problem on input or output
(left arrow=starved input, square=crafting, right arrow = output full)
The result is easier to refresh and thus less cpu stress or slowdowns.
You can still hover on a machine to get its "precise" employement rate at the bottom of the mod window.
1.0.6 - add i/o info on map for machines with empty input or overflowed output (buttons or key 'h').
- add an options menu for settings, to lighten the main window.
- add low employement limit option.
- add polling time option for gui refresh frequency in 1/60th seconds.
- now "auto refresh" also refreshes data on the map.
- add localised tooltips on buttons and checkboxes
1.0.3 - lower the poll frequency to avoid perfect 3 sec timing. correct a bug on recipe display.
- adds a customisable hotkey "b" for toggle machines stat display on/off without entering the GUI.
1.0.2 - adds an history. sorts lists alphabetically. "show unused" option in item pane to display only actually used recipes.
1.0.0 - initial release