Sea Block

No ore patches, expand from a small island. Also install the 'Sea Block Pack' mod for a complete modpack

a month ago
0.14 - 0.18
3 years ago
Latest Version:
0.4.8 (a month ago)
Factorio version:
0.14 - 0.18
170682 times

No ore spawning. Expand your island using landfill. Create resources using algae farms and sludge filtering. Recommend playing as part of Sea Block Pack:, or at least also install A Sea Block Config for my preferred/balanced configuration of other mods.

version 0.2.0:
+ Changelog now stored in mod changelog.txt, view through in game mod menu.

version 0.1.10:
+ Remove fuel_category when removing fuel_value from items
+ Put coal cracking research back in its own technology

version 0.1.9:
+ Add recipe for creating thermal-water. Uses repurposed thermal-water-extractor.
+ Remove change to red-algae recipe. Don't need to use mud-water now thermal-water is available.
+ Change circuit wire recipes to use copper wire and electronic circuits. No rubber required.
+ Make ScienceCostTweaker Bio-processor recipe use insulated wires instead of red wires. Rubber still required.

version 0.1.8:
+ Allow smelting of manganese pellets by replacing natural gas with methane in the smelting recipe.

version 0.1.7:
+ Remove changes to electrolyser energy usage. Back to Angel's default usage values.
+ Increase number of solar panels and accumulators in starting equipment to balance recently increased electrolyser energy usage
+ Move all labs and science packs (alien, module etc.) to science tab. Adjust recipe and power consumption of Lab MK2 to match its position as the top-tier science lab.

version 0.1.6:
+ Reduce electrolyser energy usage to pre petrochem 0.5.12 levels.

version 0.1.5:
+ Disable Bob's distillery
+ Reduce energy usage of MK1 algae farm (150kW -> 120kW)
+ Handle normal/expensive recipe change in angelspetrochem

version 0.1.4:
+ Reduce sulfuric acid required for slag slurry production (15->12).
+ Reduce nodule->slag slurry adjustment (now only *5 instead of *6)
+ Reduce effectivity of angels electric boiler to 80%
+ Unofficial Bob's support for SpaceX mod. This is a temporary patch I plan to remove after SpaceX gets an official release with Bob's mod support.

version 0.1.3:
+ Update for angels petrochem 0.5.9
+ Remove sand->glass recipe. Angel's refining now has a more complex sand->glass recipe.

version 0.1.2:
+ Update for angels refining 0.7.12

version 0.1.1:
+ Fix nil crash when updating unobtainable items
+ Increase energy consumption of Bob's extra beacons

version 0.1.0: Factorio 0.15 update
+ Wood bricks and crushed coal can no longer be used as fuel

version 0.0.8, update for angels refining 0.6.13
+ Enable washing plant sand recipe
+ Remove washing plant landfill bonus adjustment. Unnecessary now MK2 washing plants are available.

version 0.0.7:
+ Add worm islands
+ Starting equipment is in chest, rather than player inventory
+ Change brown algae -> green algae recipe to be handcrafting only. (It's only for bootstrapping CO2 for green algae production in algae farms)

version 0.0.6, another mod compatibility release:
+ Handle sparse arrays when updating technology unlocks.

version 0.0.5, couple of small fixes for compatibility with other mods:
+ Check there is no recipe for creating raw-wood before removing recipes that use raw-wood.
+ Extra nil check when updating technology unlocks.

version 0.0.4:
+ Increase amount of ore produced by crystallization.
+ Decrease amount of landfill produced by washing plants.

version 0.0.3:
+ Add alternate recipe for solder. Uses alginic acid instead of resin.

version 0.0.2:
+ No research required for crystallization of Rubyte and Bobmonium ores. Research is required for Jivolite.