Automatic Coupler

by GotLag

Adds signals to allow stations to couple/uncouple trains automatically.

5 years ago
5 years ago
Latest Version:
1.0.0 (5 years ago)
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1127 times

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Now you can connect/disconnect trains through the magic of circuits!

This mod adds two new virtual signals, couple and uncouple. When a train stops at a station receiving either (or both!) of these signals, it will attempt to couple and/or uncouple the train accordingly. If a station is receiving both signals, it will attempt to couple first, then uncouple.

Coupling/uncoupling only occurs when a train arrives at a station - if a train is already at the station when you send the signal, nothing will happen.

Note that these signals are only read by stations, and only work for trains under automatic control that stop at a station.


If greater than zero, attempts to connect the train to another train in front of it. If less than zero, attempts to connect behind (I guess it's theoretically possible you could get this to work, with very careful timing)


If greater than zero, disconnects that many cars from the front of the train, and if less than zero disconnects that many from the rear of the train. If the uncouple value is greater (positive or negative) than the number of wagons in the train, nothing happens.

Known Issues

If a train is successfully coupled or uncoupled, it will immediately depart for the next station on its schedule. This is unfortunately unavoidable. Changing the composition of a train resets it to manual control, and if it is not advanced to the next station on its schedule it will either fail to path (trains can't find a path to the station they're already at) or it will attempt to visit the same station again (and possibly trigger another uncouple).

Version History

  • 1.0.0 - 2017/05/25 - Initial release