Energy Replicators

This mod will try to make every item/fluid in the game replicable. This includes all items from mods. The time needed to replicate an item is based on the sum of its ingredients replication time. Per default the resource generation is enabled, but you can turn it off in the config

5 years ago
5 years ago
Latest Version:
1.1.8 (5 years ago)
Factorio version:
2799 times

The main machines of this mod are the Replicators. They produce items without any further ingredients than electricity.
I know that there is another similar mod: Darkmatter Replicators ( Both mods are updated versions of the original replicator mod from Jamuspsi.
It got abandoned, so then I made some updates with darkshadow but I didn't have the time to maintain it. At this time TempiDrachen made his/her own spin-off of the mod.
He/She writes "The existence of this version of Replicators is not meant to be disrespectful in any way to darkshadow1809 or Doublespin." The same goes for me in regard to TempiDrachen.
I think we simply had our own imagination of how a mod like this has to be. So this is the reason why I took some time to write a new update. I stuck with my own idea how replication times should be calculated. Before this update, replication times of items had to be added by hand. Now the mod automatically processes every recipe in the game and tries to break them down to their most basic items, which are the ores on the map (and loot + some special items like liquid air from bobsmod).
Additionally, the steps of the breakdown get a representation too: More "complex" recipes will take longer to get replicated than ones with smaller complexity. Based on this complexity all items get assigned to one of the 5 Replication tiers. Because complexity values can differ greatly with mods, these assignments scale dynamically.
This would cause many items to be possibly replicated before you researched them, so I tried to add the respective research as additional prerequisite.
All these researches and recipes need names and icons. Both will be added again dynamically. And since this mod will add many many researches I assigned them an integer 13131 so you immediately recognize the Replication-researches.(For the math geeks: Have fun guessing which mathematical equation is represented by this number :P)

To give you a nice compatibility with mods even the ores will get read out to calculate the replication times of them. Without them the code can't create recipes for items which need these ores. At the moment the mod cannot process the loot of the enemies (like alien artifacts) but this maybe included in later updates.

If you encounter any "?" icons or unknown names of items or if you miss items then you can report it here.

As a downside of the dynamical adding of recipes (and my inability to write efficient code), this mod has a long loading time. For my setup with bobsmods and several others, the loading time of this mod needed around 10-15% of the overall starting time.

I will not add support for Dark Matter replicators. It just doesn't make sense to use 2 mods that do basically the same things.

- increased the energy consumption of replicators
( can be reverted in the config: set replcator_power_factor back to 2.1)
- fixed loading error, with item limitation list and rare earth generation disabled
- fixed loading error with marathon
- partly fixed a problem with boxing2 and marathon
- rare-earth processing items work with productivity modules
- corrected the penalty formular for complexity
- changed the calculation of complexity slightly
=>Replication times probably changed quite a bit
- slightly increased the energy consumption of replicators
( can be reverted in the config: set replcator_power_factor back to 2.1)
- cleaned up unused icons and locale entries
- fixed a "typo" which caused rare earth to be not infinite
- loading error with infinit resources but without RSO is fixed
- config option to disable rare-earth gen and all processing steps
- Amount and time of researches is now based on its complexity
- Technology name fix
- fixed a loading bug (hopefully)
- fixed load error
- fixed the replication tier assignment.(Replication recipes were available in all replicatior buildings)
- added much more comments and tidied up some old code
- fixed icon error
- minor code improvments
- blacklist added to config file
- replication recipes now have an overlay to indentify which replicator is required
- fixed two bugs
-Updated to Factorio 0.14
-added dynamic recipes