g Adding ru locale to mod

2 years ago

Hey, mod dev here. Would you mind if I added the localization natively to the mod? There's no license so by default I need permission, but I'd ask even if that wasn't the case. Glad you enjoyed the mod enough to try it out and translate it!

And nah I don't mind you calling it Unobtanium, altho I'm a she -u-

2 years ago
(updated 2 years ago)

Good idea and realization. But... I would like a vanilla ore in the same way to find and processing. Love search, construction, different processes ...
I think that not only me, but other players as well, will be nice to play with Russian translation.

2 years ago

You know, that's not a bad idea. Making uranium need to be scanned to find... Would need to make the radars cheaper if so, needing blue chips for uranium is kind of expensive. If I add that, it'll be as an off-by-default option.

Alright, adding the files to the main mod. May need some extra translation in the future as I'm planning on adding angel/bob compatibility, and that means more untranslated strings. I'll keep you posted, thank you so much!

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