Upgrade Builder and Planner

by Roang
Automatically upgrade buildings by hand or with construction robots.
25 days ago
Owner: Roang
Source: Roang-zero1/upgrade-planner-next
Homepage: https://github.com/Roang-zero1/upgrad...
License: MIT
Created: 10 months ago
Latest Version: 2.0.3 (25 days ago)
Factorio version: 0.17
Downloaded: 29266 times

Continuation of the Upgrade Builder and Planner mod.

Using the selection tool 'Upgrade Builder' you can select items to upgrade. Set your configuration using the mod menu, accessed with the button in the top left or the upgrade planner hotkey ('U' by default)

Click the image below to see a example usage video:

Then select items to upgrade, and they will be upgraded using items from your inventory.
By holding 'Shift' while selecting an area, the upgrade will be performed using construction robots.


Original Mod By kds71
Version 1.1.10 by malk0lm
Updated to 0.13.6 by Slayer1557
Improved to use 0.13 API features by Klonan