Trace Minerals

This mod adds aditional scorces of minerals that while renewable can get very cluttered and messy

a month ago
2 months ago
Latest Version:
1.1.0 (a month ago)
Factorio version:
172 times

It always hurts to have to rebuild elements of a factory because yet another ore patch dried up. There has got to be more minerals around if your willing to dig deeper, hunt for them in innovative places?

New achievement:

"What's mine is yours, but what quarry is mine?" Turn of all ore on the map, then get all the way to rocket launch.

"From Nothing, I make Nothing" Turn of all ore on the map, then get all the way to rocket launch, using the minimum number of crafts.


Quarries, With quarries you can get more out of the ground if your willing to burn through power, smog, and debris to get there. They will for the cost of a normal miner give you a random assortment of useful minerals, and earth, useless for anything aside from landfill.

Dumping Grounds, Well with all this excess ground your overturning its gotta go somewhere.

Planned feature:

Mod Integration, I'm aiming to integrate the ores of other mods, bobs in particular, but hopeful lots.

More Advanced Methods, different quarry focuses are a start, but id like to see about extracting gold from sea salt, and other such methods. then spreading all the different ore kinds out over different things. something that get you to crude as well.

Balancing, I haven't really figured out what the best balance is, I'm hoping it works out with the extra complexity of sorting plus most of the energy and smog being wasted on things you don't want. but i guess we will see.

"What's mine is yours, but what quarry is mine?" achievement, Its cool that you can do it, I'm looking into how to make it an real ingame achievement. Also "From nothing, I make nothing" for oreless and lazy bastard (+1 craft), and also an assist mod that lets you sea block.

More resource outputs, some extra sorting to get in your way, but also why not mix your earth with water to extract clay. What's It good for, I'll think of something.

Overwrite regular mining, eventually it might be cool if this sort of happened in regular mining, you get lots of ore out of rich patches but if your on the edge of the patch, or its dried up, you start getting more quarry outputs, though it would be cool if an depleted ore patch was always a little better than elsewhere.


I love imagining how games I love can be better, so now I'm finally getting around to figuring out how to do it. I like the idea of renewability in general, i like bio industries for its wood and pollution management, letting me build a nicer factory, (I also really like Bobs) so this seemed like the more natural way for factorion to get more renewable minerals. I am also thinking about making some other mods, like I have an idea for pollution management/ biter behavior, without mods the only reason why pollution matters is because it makes the biters hate you, but in the real world pollution matters for more reasons than that, so maybe things like high levels of smog hurts your stats or something like that, some reason for you to care. Also the biters go all kamikaze at any hint of pollution, Its like you are the center of universe, there's no other reason the life would want to evolve, or the environment can be unhealthy. So ye stuff like, there is ambient pollution (from volcanos and mold and things) that you can make better than you started with if you want to, and biters are at lower levels non committal and have there own balance with nature that was presumably happening before you got there. so ye lots of cool ideas, this seems like a good place to start.