Tech Tree Trimmer

Adds necessary science pack technology connections and trims all unnecessary connections for a cleaner looking tech tree. Great for mods like MSP and Science Pack Galore, especially when combined with other mods.

9 days ago

b bug?

a month ago

Perhaps this mod doesn't fix the issue in the screenshot where a later tech requires science packs for prerequisite but not the actual tech itself. Perhaps an issue on the electric train mod end?

a month ago

Looking at the screenshot, I'm not quite sure what the issue is. Aren't basic tech cards unlocked from the start?
If so, then the mod is functioning correctly, as there would be no tech for basic tech cards to add a prerequisite for.

a month ago
(updated a month ago)

The issue is that blue tech cards techs are prerequisite for a tech that doesn't require them. That doesn't make any sense and it's not clear to me if that's just an issue on the electric train mod side or if your mod is meant to correct issues like this. Thanks for your help.

a month ago

Well, prerequisites and costs are different features, and mods can mix and match them however they want. You could make it so the rocket silo takes only red science, and space science require blue, purple, and yellow only if you wanted. This mod doesn't change the actual research progression of the game, it only cleans up the tech tree for when multiple mods adding or changing techs are involved, and makes it so the only yellow "researchable" techs are the ones you can actually research, like the examples in the mod gallery page. In vanilla, the tech tree happens to be made so you never have techs that require less packs than their prerequisites, like your example.

There's not a good way to algorithmically restructure the tech tree to make the tech pack order like vanilla while also guaranteeing it doesn't break progression in some way, even if that was something the mod was supposed to do. Maybe electric trains was adding their tech after another mod was, which might have messed up the pack requirements, or maybe that's just the way that wanted to do it, I don't know. Point is, this mod isn't supposed to solve the issue you're having. Sorry, I wish I could help more.

a month ago

Thank you for the explanation.

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