Tech Tree Trimmer

Adds necessary science pack technology connections and trims all unnecessary connections for a cleaner looking tech tree. Great for mods like MSP and Science Pack Galore, especially when combined with other mods.

9 days ago

i missing science pack for research

11 months ago

with multiple mods installed, some modded technologies they often have missing science pack requirement.

one example is when SE,K2,AAI Loader are installed together
space belt doesn't require space pack for researching even it's behind space pack.

not sure if this is in the scope of this mod just something I wanted to share that it exists.

11 months ago

That is interesting, however this mod only modifies technology connections, not their costs.

In that specific image, I'm guessing that's just how SE or AAI Loaders handles the technology, whether that's an intended thing or automatic.
The other thing to consider is that if I were to "fix" that, it would have to be a generic solution, which means I would have to detect whether something was accidentally or purposefully missing a science pack, and that's pretty much impossible without hard coding things, and I'm trying to avoid that.
The other way around though, if a technology requires a science pack that it doesn't have as a prerequisite technology, my mod will add that connection.

Maybe it's worth bringing up with Earendel, since that specific interaction looks like it's from SE and AAI Loaders, of which he made both.

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