Adds a subterranean layers and special entities to transfer items, players, and power between levels..
7 months ago
Owner: Daedeross
Source: Daedeross/Subterra
License: MIT
Created: 8 months ago
Latest Version: 0.4.1 (7 months ago)
Factorio version: 0.16
Downloaded: 1789 times

SubTerra adds multiple underground levels along with ways to transfer players, items, and power between levels.

Currently, the underground levels are intended for transportation only.

== This is a Work-In-Progress mod ==
- This is an alpha release. There are many features missing and there will be many bugs.
- Saves may not be compatible between versions at this time.
- Compatibility with most other mods has not been tested yet

Post any bugs at:

Current Features:

  • Multiple underground levels
  • Stairs
  • Belt-Elevators (speed equivalent to the three base belt types)
  • Power transfer (one-way per pair, for now).
  • Research to unlock deeper levels
  • Subways, special faster trains only usable underground.
  • Remoting call for other mods to white-list entities. (see change log for v 0.3.3 for details)

Features coming soon:

  • Fluid transfer
  • Signal transfer
  • Many more graphics

Features far away:

  • Underground mining

Other mods tested with so far

  • Factorissimo2
  • Whistle Stop Factories


Know Issues

  • Other mods that place entities and do not raise the script_raised_built event may lead to unintended consequences.
  • If a Stairs, Belt-Elevator, or Power transfer entity is destroyed, it will leave a ghost on only one of its two layers.
  • There are still some edge cases that need to be tested for creation and deletion of these special entitites



  • Added configuration to the mod. User can now set Max Depth (min 1, max 4, default 2).
    WARNING: reducing this value for existing worlds is not supported, but increasing works (so far in my testing, at least).
  • Added technology: Underground levels are now unlocked by successive researches. NOTE: This will prevent you from placing entities
    that 'dig' down to a specific layer (i.e. Stairs, Elevator, Power transfer) until the research is completed. For safety, move to the surface
    before ubdating the Max Depth setting
  • Added subways: Special, faster locomotives that can only be placed underground. Unlocked by research
  • Added recharable batteries: Special 'fuel' for subways. Recharged in a special dedicated machine
  • Added faster belt elevators. The three levels of belts in the base game now have equavalent speed elevators.
    Unlocked at the same level of logistics as the equivalent belt.
  • Added support for ghosts and robots to construct stairs, elevators, and power transfer entities


  • Changed the first underground level, it now spawns water tiles which follow the water in the main surface.
    NOTE: will not change already generated chunks in that layer.


  • Changed chunk generation logic. Possible fix of a logic error in the previous versions, though requires more testing.
  • Fixed bug where game would crash if you died. (X_X)
  • Game will no longer crash in sandbox or if you manualy type the statement \c game.player.character = nil



  • Added remote calls so other mods can add or remove entities from the underground whitelist
    To add an entity:"subterra:entities", "add", %NAME%) - Replace %NAME with the name of the entity (i.e. the name of the prototype)
    To remove an entity:"subterra:entities", "remove", %NAME%)



  • Added some feedback messages for when players are unable to place certain structures


  • Fixed compatibility with other mods that create additional surfaces (so far tested with Factorissimo2).
  • Adjusted the position of a hidden entity so the no-electric-network icon shows in the center of the transfer pole.



  • Subscribes to the script_raised_built event to precent non-whitelisted entiteis from being built underground.
  • Added some missed vanilla entities to underground whitelist.
  • Mod now handles being added to large existing worlds.
  • Note: Loading into a large explored world will cause performace to drop for a
    short time while the underground surface generation catches up.



  • "Telepads" renamed to "Stairs"


  • Power tansfer.
  • Custom graphics for stairs and power transfer structures.
  • Added whitelist of vanilla structures able build underground.


  • updated all api calls to work with Factorio v0.16.x



  • Belt Elevators
  • Teleport pads to transport players between levels



  • "Underground" surfaces
  • chunk-generation for underground layers
  • quadtree data structure for faster collision detection