Skandragon's Radio Telemetry

Adds radio equipment that can transmit circuit network signals over long distances. All signal types are supported.

4 years ago
0.14 - 0.16

b Limited signals

5 years ago

If I have it try to send more than 20 total signals through the transmitter it's crashing with the following message:

Error while running event on_tick(ID 0)
Index out of bounds: 21
stack traceback:
skan-radio-telemetry/control.lua:98: in
function <skan-radio-telemetry/control.lua:60>

5 years ago

For anyone else experiencing this it's an easy fix, open up entities.lua and go to line 136, just change the item slot count variable to something huge.

5 years ago

I've released a new version that supports up to 200 out of the box, and will print a one-time message if that limit is exceeded.

I never planned on people connecting the transmitters directly to high-count reporters, but in my testing I used a roboport, and found this issue. It's protected against crashes, but I'd expect most people to use this as a notification or request system.

What I do is publish Iron - 40000 = Iron through an arithmetic combiner. I use one combiner for each item type my base may request, and send all those outputs through a "each * -1 = each" transformation. On the receiver side, I connect these to train depots, and trigger on "iron > 0" to send a supply train.

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