Skandragon's Radio Telemetry

Adds radio equipment that can transmit circuit network signals over long distances. All signal types are supported.

4 years ago
0.14 - 0.16

g Channels

5 years ago

I'm considering adding a channel concept to the transmitters and receivers, where either multiple types of objects will be used, or a GUI will allow selection of a channel. I fear the GUI is harder.

Would people find this useful, or is a single channel sufficient? If channels would be helpful, how many different channels would one want?

5 years ago

Could you make it so channels will be selected from signal menu so you could have iron ore but thats NOT transmitting all the iron ore but thats just the channel, then you could have near infinite channels if you could also have channel iron ore & copper ore. Don't know if that possible or how easy that would be.

Channels sound great tho.

I do like a good gui as well.

5 years ago
(updated 5 years ago)

Would people find this useful, or is a single channel sufficient?

sufficiant : maybe .. with several mods we have lots of signals, and thus we might be able to convert signals if there are conflicts, although that easily results in a big mess.
useful: "more is better" :-)

i was recently testing something and wanted to see in my base the status of two outposts. it was only 3 or 4 signals, but i had to first install converters since both outposts of course had the same signals. there might also be a wire that transmits the number of items in a chest, and i can't think of an easy way to convert so many potential signals for avoiding conflicts. multiplexing is no solution since that would require fast response and increase lag a lot.
the suggestion of 23john sounds nice and would have enabled me to easily setup the same signals from a lot of outposts or a lot of chests by putting them on channels A-Z, 0-9, etc

as far as i could see, the "low range" is 3000 (that's almost 100 chunks), and for most people that's probably already bigger than their base including a few outposts. there is also no optical indicator for the range (difficult or impossible to do with huge ranges).
thus i wouldn't mind getting more tiers, and the range being rounded to entire chunks, similar to radar, 2^n chunks range for MKn poles, eg MK0 = current chunk only, MK1 = 2 chunks range (current and neighboring = total 3 x 3), max MK4, MK5 or MK6 = 32 chunks range (total 63 x 63) = 2016 x 2016 tiles, followed by MK99 = no range limit. that would enable me to have separate areas for single outposts, and MK99 to connect everything.

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