Integration Helper [ALPHA]

[ALPHA] This is an early access release, as such errors and bugs may happen, which might cause you to lose progress in your save game. You have been warned! Provides some helper functionality for stream integration. Intended for Factorio streamers that seek to spice up their game by having viewers trigger actions in the game. This mod does not do anything on its own. It merely provides a remote interface which needs to be called (e.g. via RCON) for things to happen. Highly configurable including just about all chat messages.

a month ago


Version: 0.3.1
Date: 2022-06-10

    - Fixed teleportation not working correctly in some cases.
    - Fixed rails not being constructed by build_ghosts before construction bots were
      researched even though remnants were supposed to be restored.
    - Fixed unrecoverable error with cancel_hand_craft
    - Fixed missing messages for hand crafting

    - position is now optional for snap_wires and it is now defaulting to the entire surface

    - Added option to have vacuum command pick up stuff automatically
Version: 0.3.0
Date: 2022-06-04

    - This is a BETA release. Please note that things may be broken or cause errors that throw you
      back to the main menu, losing your save game progress.

    - Provides a remote interface to trigger several actions in the game. Documentation of said
      features will follow at a later time, for now call the help function, which will print
      the available commands in game for everyone.