Seablock Mining

by minno
Enables mining in seablock
4 months ago
Owner: minno
Source: N/A
Homepage: N/A
License: MIT
Created: 5 months ago
Latest Version: 0.0.5 (4 months ago)
Factorio version: 0.16
Downloaded: 646 times

Enables the use of mining productivity when using the sea block mod pack.

Two additions:

  1. A new item that can be crafted and placed to create an infinite ore patch. These "ore seeds" are crafted using one of the corresponding ores, and are unlocked by the same technologies that unlock the regular crystallization recipes.

  2. Mining drills changed to require mineral sludge in order to mine these patches.

The basic mining drill produces ore at exactly the same speed and with the same power and mineral sludge consumption as a crystallizer. Successive mining drills are faster and more efficient, with Bob's MK4 having the same speed and power usage as a crystallizer MK2. MK2 and MK3 drills are in between, and MK5 drills are slightly faster and more efficient. All drills are changed to have two module slots, like crystallizers.

Since these are mining drills, they benefit from mining productivity research. The ore patches are infinite, but this reduces the amount of mineral sludge required to produce ore with research. This provides an extra way to advance in the game.

To use:

  1. Use a crystallizer like normal to make some of each ore from mineral sludge.

  2. Use the ore to craft ore seeds. Try to keep some on hand at all times for future construction, but if you run out you can go back to step 1.

  3. Place the ore seeds where you want your miners to go. I didn't change the mining area, so you can have multiple drills pulling from the same patch. Not much reason to with how cheap they are to create.

  4. Hook up your mineral sludge to the drills. Note that drills transfer fluid between each other, so if you have a bunch in a row you only need to hook up one.

  5. When you're done, use an ore eraser to remove the patches. Either from the ore eraser mod marked as an optional dependency, or from another mod that can do the same thing.

Bugs/caveats/weird things:

This is my first mod. I'm probably missing some things like proper localization or support for different configuration settings. I've used it plenty myself, but I haven't exhaustively tested it with other languages, mod choices, or mod settings.

Mining drills don't support having different fluid consumption with expensive recipes. Instead, there's a mod setting to make the fluid consumption and miner speed match either the normal or the expensive recipes. Change it to whichever value matches your map's setting.

Mining drills use fluid 10 units at a time. So the drill won't start until you have 250 units of mineral sludge in it, but then it will produce 10 ore before stopping or consuming more.

Drills don't play nicely with blueprints or automated construction. In most cases, you'll need to place the blueprint, manually put ore patches in the gap where the drills are supposed to be, and then place it again. I suppose if you really want to you could carpet the building area in ore patches instead.

It's a bit awkward to switch recipes. Drills stop if you erase the ore patch under them, and don't start back up if you place a new one. Instead, place the new ore first and then erase the old one. Depending on how fast you are you might then need to clean up the mixed belt.

I may have been a bit too aggressive with marking required dependencies, but I think they're all necessary to have the proper experience with this mod.