Artisanal Reskins: Library

by Kirazy

Contains functions, icons, and sprites required by all Artisanal Reskins mods. Part of the Artisanal Reskins series.

16 days ago
1.0 - 1.1



A complete list of the settings in Artisanal Reskins: Function Library

Tier Labels

  • Icon tier labeling:
    Icons will display colored bars to indicate tier.

  • Icon tier labeling style:
    Choose the style of tier label; see this image for details.

  • Tier mapping:
    Choose between the following tier mappings:
    Name: the first tier of any series is always tier 1.
    Progression: the tier of each entry in a series is based on the ingredients and technology level.

Color options

  • Enable custom coloring:
    Enable customization of tier colors through hexidecimal color values. Supports hex codes in the following form: 'rrggbb', 'rgb', 'rrggbbaa', 'rgba', 'ww', and 'w'.

  • Color: Tier #:
    Choose color for Tier #.