Realistic Steam Engine

by lhaxq

More realistic steam engines. In reality they don't consume water (it gets re-used) and this mod tries to approximate this behaviour by using 1/100th the amount of water.

4 years ago
4 years ago
Latest Version:
0.1.0 (4 years ago)
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This is one of a series of mods (right now with my enemy overhaul mod) which is about decisions, which are kind of absent in the vanilla gameplay. Decisions are here meant in the 'which part of the tech tree will I use?' way instead of in the 'where does this belt go?' kind. In this mod, the decision will be: how do I generate power? Steam engines are notoriously bad in the lategame, mainly because they don't scale well, steam engine power plants can usually grow in only one direction. For example, my biggest factory would need around 3000 steam engines, which would then need 300 pumps which is just impractical. The same logic also applies to way smaller factories, 30 pumps also also have the impression of being impractical, even with landfill. To combat this, this mod changes the ratio from 1 : 14 : 10 to 1 : ? : 1000 (I didn't compute the amount of boilers needed, maybe it's still 14) while leaving coal consumption untouched. This was because I couldn't find a way for them to consume no water (weird fluid dynamics) as it would be in reality. Solar panels have been slightly nerfed to generate 50kW to make the infinite power thing slightly harder (as it is in reality). Assembling machines and electric furnaces don't generate pollution anymore to make clean energy even cleaner.

Together with my enemy overhaul mod this generates another level of depth for the power issue, because it makes (tries to make) pollution more important which should hopefully give another serious disadvantage to steam engines.

This mod should be compatible with bobs mods, but this is untested for now.