Puppy's UPS Tools

by Puppy

A series of tools designed to help out with your UPS.

3 months ago

g Crash 0.2.5

3 months ago


4450.497 Error MainLoop.cpp:1404: Exception at tick 199453269: The mod Puppy's UPS Tools (0.2.5) caused a non-recoverable error.
Please report this error to the mod author.

Error while running event puppy-ups-tools::on_gui_selection_state_changed (ID 60)
LuaSurface API call when LuaSurface was invalid.
stack traceback:
[C]: in function 'index'
/script/gui.lua:98: in function 'getNetworksBySurface'
puppy-ups-tools/script/gui.lua:76: in function 'renderNetworks'
puppy-ups-tools/script/gui.lua:71: in function 'renderElectricNetworks'
puppy-ups-tools/script/gui.lua:65: in function 'renderResults'
puppy-ups-tools/script/gui.lua:370: in function 'handler'
puppy-ups-tools/lib/gui.lua:393: in function <puppy-ups-tools/lib/gui.lua:379>

Best recollection of events that lead to crash.

Running K2SE game with several surfaces. Was standing on Nauvis, ran a scan, Nauvis Orbit had a few different networks. Set the drop down to Nauvis Orbit. Clicked view of each network and connected them to the primary network until there was only one left in the list. Then clicked the drop down again. Nauvis Orbit still indicated that there were 8 networks. 'Nauvis Orbit (8)'. While still viewing Nauvis Orbit by satellite I selected 'Nauvis Orbit (8)' then it crashed. Please let me know if you need a copy of the save. It is ~600 MB, but will make it available if you need it.

3 months ago

Further detail on reproduction...

It appears to happen after a ship docks.

I loaded the save and ran a scan. I was able to repeatedly select any surface from the drop down without issue. I had a ship inbound to nauvis orbit. After it anchored itself to its clamp I selected a surface from the drop down (specifically: nauvis) and received this stack trace.

3 months ago

Try again with 0.2.6. If that doesn't work I'll need that save

3 months ago

So far so good.. Looks like it has been squashed.

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