Periodic Madness (TEST)

A mod made for throwing half-finished builds, you can play it but i wouldn't recommend it.

3 days ago


Version: 0.4.70
  The ihew;ufgufefuef Update:

    - Added Gallium.
    - Added Indium.
    - Added Silicon.
    - Added Thallium.
    - Added Lead.
    - Added Bismuth.
    - Added Zirconium.
    - Added Arsenic.
    - Added Platinum.
    - Added Electrolysis plant, not a repainted washing plant. nuh uh. (Thank you Arch for the lightning)
    - Gave Hydrogen its own row, for ease of access.
    - Overhauled processing units, to fit with the other circuits.
    - Changed how modules are made again, using P-TM materials.
    - Added crucibles, made of Zirconia.
    - Added BZirconium compatability.
    - Added tier 2's to solar panels, electric miners, and tempature-inators.
    - Spanish translation now exists for Periodic Madness! all credit goes to Korgack, in the server.

    - Changed Seawater desaltination to be 1 second, and take less input.
    - Changed Advanced-Advanced Transition Metal's recipe to take copper, instead of Molybdenum.
    - Changed pipes recipe, again. Zinc needs to finance its uselessness addiction.
    - Changed how Plastic science bottles are made, and changed the plastic they use. thats a whole extra science, per science. Again.
    - Changed Bio-labs to have a research speed of 2.
    - Lowered cost of later bio-upgrade tiers.
    - Re-did the designs for washing plants, adding some much needed grime and grit.
    - Gave plastic science pack recipes their own icon.
    - Changed Vacuum former's power draw to 175KW.
    - Changed cooling molten metal's recipe to include crucibles.
    - Changed polyethylene plastics icon to something unqiue.
    - Changed solder cases recipe output from 4 to 2.
    - Changed flourine's recipe to take Post-transition metal ore.
    - Changed Biotic lab research to cost 175 instead of 75.
    - Remade sodiums icon, and added variations.
    - Changed argon melting to match new melting/cooling recipe times.
    - Changed module casing to use platinum instead of palladium.

    - Fixed the skullduggery going on with seawater boilers. Also buffed them.
    - Added the ability to use upgrade planners on express belts.
    - Fixed animation buggery with Bio-labs.
    - Polishing of entities and shadows.
    - Fixed fuckery with tungsten ratios.
    - Gave Flourine processing a icon.
    - Locale name fixes. Lots.
    - Made PM and K2 runnable together, plus some minor polishing - compatability is a long way away.
    - Fixed bug with Brimstuff + K2 + BZfoundry + PM, because there is some wacky shit going on with it.
    - Fixed some random capatalisations within locales.
Version: 0.4.66
  The im still working just let me cook Update:

    - Added compat for BZ foundry. i tried with zirconium but.. dont expect it any time soon
Version: 0.4.65
  The thousand bug stare Update:

    - Fixed issue with Atmospheric condenser's fluid boxes.
Version: 0.4.64
  The guys please im a good modder guys please Update:

    - Fixed issue with acid plant being uncraftable.
Version: 0.4.63
  The I dont understand version numbers and theres nowhere to learn Update:

    - Fixed issue with HR shadows.
    - There might be more, i have no idea.
Version: 0.4.62
  There is No Update in Sa Sing Bae:

    - Added Integrated Circuit molding in Reactive Non-Metal pack.
    - Added Post-Transition Metal science pack.
    - Added Flourine.
    - Added -inator's tier 2.
    - Added Tempature framing, a new multiproperty multimetal.
    - Added Stainless steel chests.

    - Changed Reactive Non-Metal pack technology take 80 seconds, not 120.
    - Changed the early game, Chlorine now has its own technology and row.
    - Changed molten melting and cooling recipes to 9 seconds, instead of 6.
    - Reworked Phosphorous's processing chain.
    - Gave Washing plant 2's 2 module slots.
    - Renamed heating and cooling plating.

    - Made calcium possible. I forgor
    - Fixed Cold-inators hitboxes not matching Molten-inators.
    - Fixed Cadmium processing technology not having a locale.
    - Fixed Salt electrolysis locale.
    - Fixed Sulfuric dioxide cracking locale.
    - Fixed Fuel oil Hydrosulferization locale.
    - Fixed Kerosene Hydrosulferization locale.
    - Fixed Rail chain signals and rail signals recipes being borked.
    - Fixed locale names.
Version: 0.4.6
  The Freedom Overhaul Update:

    - learnt how to delete a weeks worth of code with one simple trick called GitHub!
    - Overhauled Oil processing, recipes and items.
    - Added 8 new fractional fluids from Crude Oil: Oil Residuals, Fuel Oils, Lubricating Oils, Diesel, Kerosene, Naptha, Petrol and Refinery Gases.
    - Added Chromium.
    - Added Vanadium.
    - Added Titanium.
    - Added Tungsten.
    - Added Palladium.
    - Added Aluminium.
    - Added Argon.
    - Added Nitrogen.
    - Added Tin.
    - Added Cadmium.
    - Added Helium.
    - Added Phosphorous.
    - Added new buildings.
    - Added two new science packs, Advanced-Advanced Transition Metals Pack and Reactive Non-Metals pack.
    - Added a new way to store and use power, Voltatic Pile Batteries.
    - Added Coke Zinc Smelting.
    - Added multiple new intermediates called Multi-Metal Intermediates, which can be made from (you guessed it), multiple types of metal. This will break a lot of recipes.
    - Added new ways to produce power, mostly for the early game.
    - realised that "adding a lot of new stuff" and "a update out in 2 weeks" arent compatiable.
    - *3 weeks.
    - *4 weeks.
    - *5 weeks? I lost count.
    - *too long.
    - 4 months. god.
    - Began adding variations to ores. Least im learning Blender.
    - Finally added icons to the ores, thank you to PTx86 for teaching me how to.
    - Reworked Seawater refining to give off sea salt, which then can be broken down to Sodium and Chlorine.
    - Made Stack Inserter Stacking an infinite technology. Have fun.
    - Changed building recipes to take MultiMetal items. It'll most likely change in the future, but baby steps.
    - Cave Jhonson here, we got the boys down at the lab to cover glass bottles with plastic, which give double the science per science. thats 65% more science, per science.
    - Added 900% more changelog, per changeglog.
    - Hydrogen Fuel Cells got a new icon, thanks to Arch in the discord server!
    - Completely changed how modules are made, using module casings and lights that are fitted with circuits to create modules instead of just shoving some circuits into a box.
    - Added greenhouses and wood growth.
    - Added Fertiliser.
    - Added Bio-modules, a way to boost the engineers stats with some dubious ethics.
    - Added Atmospheric condensation, allowing the player to get new elements from the sky.
    - Added a second tier of the lab.
    - Added Molten metals, a more effcient way to transport plates.

    - Added compatability for BZ Chlorine. The first of many.
    - Changed all vanilla ores stack size to 200.
    - Changed circuits to have their own row.
    - Changed Seawater Extractor, Offshore pumps and Washing plants to have their own row.
    - Changed Coke Iron smelting to give 4 plates and not 2.
    - Changed Advanced Electronic Breadboards to take Cooling Plating.
    - Changed Basic Splitters recipe to include Motors.
    - Chnaged Fast Splitters recipe to include Mini Motors.
    - Changed Express Splitters recipe to also include Mini Motors.
    - Changed Concretes Recipe to include Bitumen.
    - Changed Assembling Machine 3's recipe to include Cooling Plating.
    - Changed Oil Refineries Recipe to include Heating Plating.
    - Changed Sulfuric Acid's Icon.
    - Changed most, if not all recipes with pipes in them.
    - Changed Silver Leeching to take 25 Acidic Water, not 50.
    - Changed Stainless Steel to take 3 Steel Plate, 1 Maganese Plate and 1 Nickel plate, and gives off 3.
    - Changed Hydrochloric Acid's icon, again.
    - Changed Stainless Steel requiring Alt Science packs to be researched.
    - Liquid Mercury is now a 3 step process, and its most simplified ratio is 3:2:4.
    - Changed Advanced Electronics technology to only be in Advanced Electronics, and not its own seperate technology.
    - Changed any edited science pack (Automation > Transition Metals, Logisitic > Advanced Transition Metals, etc) to take 6 seconds.
    - Changed the science pack icons to use the vanilla images, instead of the item icon.
    - Changed all changed circuits to take 2 wire/cable, instead of 3 to match green circuits.
    - Changed Carbon to take 2 seconds, instead of 4.
    - Changed Effciency modules to give +5%/+10%/+15% speed respectively.
    - Changed Steel to take 3 iron and 3 Manganese plates.
    - Overhauled the crafting menu, now each periodic group has its own tab, with recipes related kept inside.
    - Doubled solar panels and accumulators stats, due to higher recipe cost.
    - Changed sands icon and added variations to it.
    - Changed pipe/underground pipes to use Tubing.

    - Readded Steel Processing Technology.
    - Fixed Fiberoptic Cable appearing in both Electric Energy Distruibution 1 and Fiberoptics.
    - Fixed Cinnabar Processing and Cinnabar Roasting being round the wrong way.
    - Remade Molybdenum and Silver Ore's icon.
    - Gave modules a retexture. Its in the overhaul mod rulebook, "change one vanilla thing to your own".
    - Fixed some icons being the wrong size or looking off.
    - Fixed Fluid Handling not having Stainless Steel being its prerequisite.
    - Began giving some recipes the ability to be used by Productivity modules.
    - Fixed the Assembling Machine 0 being able to use the advanced crafting category.
    - Gave a couple plates slightly different rotations, to differenate them more.
    - gave Glass panes a new icon, actually 3D modelled this time.
    - Refactoring file structures and making the code less of a, quote, "finger painted everywhichway".
    - Gave Steel, Stainless Steel and Alloyed Steel new icons.
    - Fixed normal storage tanks not being upgradable with Stainless Steel storage tanks.
    - Deleted Nickel wire, mostly replaced with Panelling or Copper Cable.
    - Lowered Acid Plants power intake.
    - Equalized Transition Metal washing/clearings ore amounts.
    - Assembling Machine 0's energy consumption changed to 100kW to 75kW.
    - Fixed Manganese being spelt Maganese everywhere.
Version: 0.4.52
  The Final Preprations Update:

    - Added two new alternative recipes, CaO Glass smelting and resmelting: new ways to create Glass Panes using Calcium and Oxygen.
    - Added a very dirty, cheap and Bad(tm) way of voiding Oxygen. Im not proud of it, its a temporary fix until the ways to actually deal with Oxygen are added. I apolgise.
    - Changed Alternative Recipe pack to take 8 Calcium ore instead of 4.
    - Changed Seawater Refining to have a 50% chance of giving 2 calcium.
Version: 0.4.51
  The Brass Beast Update:

    - Fixed the version number issues with the help of a forum poster, thank you.
    - Gave Chunk Plate recipes their own icon.

    - lowered Brass Cog cost on Fast Undergorund belts and splitter.
    - Fixed Brass ratios, it is now a 2 Copper Furnace : 2 Zinc Furance for 6 Brass Welders.
    - Changed Brass cost from 1 Copper and 2 Zinc plate to 1 Copper and 1 Zinc plate.
    - Changed Recipes in player crafting to show more and show where some items are made.
    - Fixed Technology Prerequisties for Fiberoptics and Advanced Transition Metals.
Version: 0.4.5
  The Pulling Bootstraps Update:

    - Put Ezekiel ore processing into a tech, to make it more obvious to new players.

    - I finally played my own mod. A lot of balance changes were added.
    - Changed Calcium into a probabilistic output from Seawater Refining.
    - Changed Ezekiel ore processes to take 5 Hydrochloric acid, not 10.
    - Changed Transition Metal Leeching to take 15 Hydrochloric acid, not 20.
    - Changed multipe recipes (e.g Sodium Electroylsis) to a shorter time to craft.
    - Changed Alternative Science Packs to take 4 Calcium, not 3.
    - Changed Assembling Machine 0's to take 7 plates, not 10.
    - Changed Welder crafting reicpe.
    - Changed Air Filter recipe.
Version: 0.4.4
  The last time i swear before oil gets changed Update:

    - Fixed Welder migrations. I'd prefer it when bugs dont wait a version before appearing.

    - All ore patches (except Group Ores) now give off Ore chunks, which have to be purified to be used in plates.
    - Added Ore Chunk Purifying.
    - Moved Transition Metal Refining into a technology.

    - Fixed Acid Plant having recipes it shouldnt have or that havent been unlocked.
    - Changed around a couple technologies to better fit.
    - Fixed an issue where technologies would only show one prerequisite technology.
Version: 0.4.3
  The "I swear im still working" Update:

    - Added a earlier game way to make power, using seawater.
    - Added a 4th tier of belts, High Density. They are created with Low Density Structures and Processing Circuits, replacing Blue belts in the tech tree.
    - Added Glass Fiber and Fiberoptics.
    - Added a handful of new techs.
    - Overhauled Resin production, now needing to turn Resin into either Rubber Resin or Phoenlic Resin to create new products.
    - Added a new glass byproduct, Glass Shards. They can be melted down and reformed back into Glass Panes.
    - Added a sulfur Runtime Fee, anytime you look at the mod you get charged 2 sulfur. 

    - Hid the Periodic Table tab.
    - Organised/Organising the recipes in the player inventory, to look more clean.
    - Moved Ore Slag Decomp. into Production Chain tab.
    - Moved Glass Smelting into Production Chain tab.
Version: 0.4.2
  The Second of Many - Reboot Update:

    - Fixed Welder tech not working with migrations and blocking saves from being opened.
Version: 0.4.1
  The First of Many - Reboot Update:

    - Fixed the game not running due to small lamps. I hate lamps.
Version: 0.4
  The Conccusion VS Production Update:

    - Fixed Migrations.
    - Migrated Hydrogen Fuel Cells and Stainless Steel Fluid Tanks.
    - Fixed Water Electrylsis steam not able to be used in boilers.

    - Changed Hydrogen Fuel Cell icon.
    - Changed Cabron Icon to fit with other elements.
    - Changed Blue Belts to appear much lower in tech tree.
    - Changed Blue belts and other related items recipes to fit PM.
    - Changed all inserter recipes.
    - Changed Lamp recipes to take glass.
    - (in the process of) Organised code to be bettererer.
    - Changed it so that Production Chains appear in player inventory.

    - Added a new Science Pack, Alternative Recipe Pack.
    - Added alternative recipes for Iron.
    - Added (wayy too many) alternative recipes for Steel/Stainless Steel.
    - Added Wood processing, including Charcoal and Coke.
    - Added a pre-plastic alternative, Rubber.
    - Added Rubber Resin.
    - Added Vulcanised Rubber.
    - Added an alternative way to make Breadboards.
    - Added a more advanced Fluid tank made of Stainless Steel that holds 50k.
    - Added Motors and Mini-Motors (In the Mini-Mall, working a carnival.)
Version: 0.3.8
  The Actual Content 3: The Contenting Update:

    - Added Steel Chests back into the game.
    - Fixed Sulfur not being able to be made by Petroluem.

    - Changed Welders fuel type to take Hydrogen fuel.
    - Changed Advanced Leeching of Gold, Silver, mercury and Molybdenum to take 50 Acidic Water.
    - Changed Water Electroylsis values.

    - Added Hydrogen Fuel, consisting of Hydrogen and Oxygen.
    - Added Mercury Vapour condensation.
    - Added Water condensation.
    - Changed Water Electrolysis to give steam, plus Hydrogen and Oxygen.
    - Added Mercury Powder > Red Mercury recipe.
Version: 0.3.71
  The Testament to not coding at night Update:

    - Allows Seawater to be used in boilers, a temporary fix until seawater boilers are added.
    - Fixed the Offshore Pump still being visible in game before unlocking it.
Version: 0.3.7
  The Fourth of Many Update:

    - Fixed Water Extractor shadow sprite sizes.
    - Fixeed HR versions of Water Extractor sprrite sheets.
Version: 0.3.6
  The Limes and The Lemons Update:

    - Fixed HR Assembling Machine 0's texture.
    - Changed Oxygen fuel value.
    - Changed Welders energy usage.
    - Changed Assembler 1's to take Assembler 0's.

    - Added Chalk.
    - Added Lime.
    - Added Limestone.
    - 'Overhauled' the water pumping system. Offshore pumps are now in the tech tree, and you must use sewater instead. More to come later, though.
    - Added Seawater.
    - Added Water extractor, which only pumps seawater.
    - Added Seawater washing, which allows early game Sodium and Calcium production.
Version: 0.3.5
  The Actual Content 2: Factory Boogaloo Update:

    - Increased Sulfur count from Transition Metal Leeching from 2 to 5.
    - Changed Brass Plates to not take 8 plates for one.
    - lowered Oxygen fuel value.

    - Added ways to deal with byproducts (Patina, Ferrum)
    - Added Ore Slag, a basic byproduct that has to be dealt with.
    - Added Alternative recipes to Steel.
    - Added Stainless Steel.
    - Added plans. Ideas, even. Mischievous ones.

    - Added Calcium Ore.
Version: 0.3.3
  The Third of Many Update:

    - Fixed Brass Cogs not being craftable, blocking progression.
    - Fixed Mercury Powdering being visible before unlocking required technology.

    - Assembling Machine 0's now have their own texture. Acid Plants will also get their own soon.
    - Maganese Leeching now gives off Maganese Powder, not Silica.
    - Transition Metals now spawn in the starter patch.
    - Nickel has increased spawning rates.
    - 20% Mounting worry over amount of patch's needed.
Version: 0.3.2
  The Second of Many Update:

    - Fixed Silica not having a name.
    - Fixed Water distillation to not lock Water Desalination.
    - Fixed Sulfur Processing.
    - Fixed Assembling Machine 1's not taking fluids. 

    - Deleted Silicon from Stone Crushing. again.
    - Changed Stone Crushing amounts, increased Sand.
    - Fixed Mercury Powdering from being visible in hand crafting.
Version: 0.3.1
  The First of Many Update:

    - Fixed HR-welder entity. 

    - Fixed ratios, again.
    - Changed Solar Panels cost. (lowered)
    - Changed Lab cost. (lowered)
    - Fixed Oxygen being craftable. Not sure what I was thinking there.
    - Changed Science Bottle crafting time.
    - Deleted Silicon from Stone Crushing. Will be added back, eventually.
    - 10% more worry of how many of these i'll have to do added.
Version: 0.3
  The Fixing-Fleshing Out Update:

  Inital Public Release:
    - Added to Mod Portal. Watch it burn.
    - (in a serious note; any feedback for the mod will be heavily appreciated so I can polish and refine further. thank you.)

    - Added Advanced Transition Metal processes. (Orange science, or second science pack.)
    - Added Welder. 

    - Added Mercury.
    - Added Gold.
    - Added Silver.
    - Deleted Silicon.

    - Added Liquid Mercury.
    - Added Mercury Vapour.

    - Fleshed out production chains, spefically Advanced Transition Metal ores.
    - Fixed icons (again).
    - Fixed ratios (again.)
    - 10% Elbow grease added to mod.
    - Cleaned up Item groups, subgroups and categories.
    - Changed vanilla recipes to use PM items.
Version: 0.2
  The Actual Content Update:

    - Added Acid plant. (Learnt how to use data.raw)

    - Added Chlorine.
    - Added Hydrochloric Acid. (HCl)

    - Attempted fix at ratios. failed. miserably.
    - Basic icon polishing and basic polishing.
    - Refactored recipe code to make the mod run betterer.
Version: 0.1
    - Basic Transition Metal processes added.

    - Added Maganese.
    - Added Zinc.
    - Added Nickel.
Version: 0.0.0
  Inital Release:
    - Mod idea made. All hell breaks loose.