Peace Mod deprecated

by cullyn

Completely removes enemies and allows alien artifacts to be mined instead. Updated to Factorio 0.12 by Secretchaos

4 years ago
0.13.0 - 0.14.0

i Porting to 0.15

4 years ago

This is one of my favorite mods, and it would be nice to have it working with 0.15. I tried changing the version requirement in “info.json” but then line 109 of “data.lua“ attempts to index a nil value.

I think this can be caused because “alien-artifact” is created as a recipe in “prototypes/alien-artifact.lua” but not as an “item”. Maybe version 0.14 handled creating the item implicitly?

0.15 removed alien artifacts entirely, leaving area denial the only reason to go after biter nests. This mod should still run, but will need to remove anything associated with the recipe for alien artifacts in order to do so.

4 years ago

You can set size of Enemy bases to None in the Resource settings in 0.15 and no enemy bases will be created. Thus effectively creating the peace mode, but with the military tech still in place. I personally liked to not have that tech clutter my research tree etc, but having the core peace mode in the game and not relying on a mod still I think is a good step forward.

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