Ore Washing

Lets you 'wash' ores to increse the ammount of items returned when smelting them.

10 months ago

b OP Much?

3 months ago

(Doing a K2 run.)

While I LOVE the idea, it is OP by an order of magnitude, considering I had to use a loader mod because a single steel furnace fed T2 washed ore is pumping out almost 15 iron plates per second, and 4.55 steel furnaces/36.7 T1 miners will create two compressed red belts. OTOH, if the throughput was reduced by 90% for most of the process and 60% for miners, 45.5 steel furnaces/110.1 T1 miners to produce 60 iron plates per second would still be a HUGE improvement over the 96 steel furnaces/240 T1 miners that are normally required.

(It's almost 1 in the morning after a long day, so my brain may not be mathing properly. :shrug: )


a month ago

Thanks for the feedback and trying out my mod. Tbh This was just a side project to practice my mod making and never really was intended to be a final product. Maybe one of these days i'll make a rewrite to balance things out.

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