Angel's Smelting Patch

Make Angel's smelting recipes the best way by disabling direct ore smelting in furnaces. It forces you to go in the advanced metallurgy path. Need angel's smelting.

2 years ago
0.15 - 0.18
5 years ago
Latest Version:
0.2.5 (2 years ago)
Factorio version:
0.15 - 0.18
72421 times

Angel's Smelting Patch:

Make Angel's smelting recipes the best way by disabling direct ore smelting in furnaces and forcing you to go in the advanced metallurgy path.

This mod disable the ability to directly turn any pure ore into plates, then forcing players to use angel's smelting advanced metallurgy. In a same way steel is only produced efficiently through advanced metallurgy.
At the start of a map, you will use, as usual, the angel's crushed ore smelting (70% yield) for making iron, copper, lead and tin plates. And then the next step is directly to use all the things at your disposition in the Angel's smelting mod to increase your yield and producing your steel plates.

Need angel's smelting

0.2.3 and + : See Changelog
0.2.2 fixed crash with starting equipment (steel pick-axe do not exist anymore)
0.2.1 fixed thumbnail
0.2.0 Upgrade to 0.17.x
0.1.7 Steal cost is re-evaluated for matching angel's recent change
0.1.6 Fixed migration dirp
0.1.5 Add a settings for expensive early glass (default: false)
0.1.4 Fixed divers 0.16 bugs
0.1.3 0.16 Upgrade
0.1.2 Fix faraway9911 mods compatibility
0.1.1 Fixed tin cable with the option cable enabled
Fix copper and tin cable to be in electronics category when the option cable enabled
0.1.0 Fix incapacity to get basic-electronic-board with solder only smelting option enabled
0.0.9 Extended the mod to cable with startup option (default disabled)
0.0.8 Fix bug with others mods by removing recipes to be nil and not only disabled and his startup option
Change startup option to be Boolean
Fix option for solder being always activated what ever is set in the mod option
Add compatibility to CMHMod - Rebalancing Bob's Mods
Reorganize and clean code to be the most mp compatible possible
0.0.7 Extend mod to electrolyzed bob plate and redundant intermediates
Add startup option for solder to be only angel's smelting (default: disabled)
0.0.6 Add, as suggested by Arumba, startup option for activation or not of the expensive and inefficient early-game steel recipe (default: enabled)
Fix migration integration
0.0.5 Upgrade for Angel's Smelting 0.3.2 (concrete and glass)
0.0.4 Change recipes to be nil and not only disabled (configurable in startup option default: enabled)
0.0.3 Add startup option for fast start with technologies and items (default: both disabled)
Add a special very expensive steel recipe for early-game
0.0.2 Rename mod and improve description
0.0.1 Initial release

Arch666Angel for all his mods and functions
Bobingabout for all his mods and his function lua library
Wormmus for his help
EmperorZelos for his advices and compatibility with his own mods
TokMor for his idea and support