Northify Tool

by Saienai

Provides a selection tool to rotate any tiles to their 'default' state or (alt) rotate any tiles by 1 (ex: hazard concrete). If using bob's adjustable inserters, also provides a selection tool to rotate all inserters to face north without changing their pickup/dropoff locations. Can also set all inserters placed by robots to be north facing automatically as a QOL.

3 years ago
1.0 - 1.1


Version: 1.x.0
Date: 19.12.2020
    - Initial release

Version: 1.x.1
Date: 02.01.2021
	- stopped the selection of tiles, only inserters allowed

Version: 1.x.2
Date: 07.01.2021
    - implemented the same rotation option for tiles as well, so you can now select tiles and set their rotation to their base rotation (ex: hazard concrete).
    - tile tool has 2 states: regular (northify all selected tiles) and alt (rotate all selected tiles by 1)
    - using the tool no longer removes it from your hand. Was done that way as QOL originally, but QOL turned out to be keeping it in your hand