by itam

[ Scenarios ]Protect the rocket silo. When the rocket launch is destroyed, the game fails. the map is run in laster version,call comfy- defense_moutain.

a month ago
2 months ago
Latest Version:
2.1.1 (a month ago)
Factorio version:
541 times

pay attention to:

This is a Scenarios ,not mod .
pls install it as scenarois.

The map record:

Single simple mode:
Survival record:
1.776 wave by aceshotter!

Fast track record:
1.483 wave by none of one!
1.776 wave by aceshotter!

And If you want to challenge the record, please make sure to turn on the archive playback function, and do not use gambling and lucky draw

1.Map optimization
2.if you want to play it whith K2mod ,pls trun off real ammo
3.the secence aslo compatible bob enemy mod !

2.08change :
someone say my map is too hrad .
so you can have break time now about 5 min when boss wave
and you will get robot chest at start
finally try to compatible K2 mod !

2.06change :
1.Map optimization
2.boss wave is ok now

2.05change :
1.fix Multiplayer mode bug

2.04 change :
1.Map optimization 100%!!!

2.03change :
fix big bug

2.02. change :
1.Turret kill directly to give player coin
2.Map optimization

2.00-2.01 change :
1. circle wall-> square
2.The fortress will appear further away
3.first wave time : 60 mins ->30 mins
4.remove create turret when biter die

1.9.9 change :

1.first wave time : 30 mins ->60 mins

1.9.8 change:
i forget delete debug text..

1.9.7 change:
1.Fix the health bug.
2.The single player coin reduced from 25K to 15K.
3.Oil barrels are sold in main market
4.The price of flame tower is reduced to 3K

1.9.6 change :
1.Now you can gain xp and coin by staying in the circle
2.Improve the quality of Fortress chest


maybe1.6.5 is Final version

i don;t want to updata anymore .

this a map imitate of MF from comfy github.
the map is run in laster version,call comfy- defense_moutain.

2. RPG system and Enhanced magic
3、you can open a mgaic chest and buy xp in the car.
4、the car have a mini world .
5、every player have rodom event each 25 wave .

other features is no improtant. so i don;t want wirrte them .
and this is a vary hard map!