by ludsoe

Adds more to factorio's combat.

4 years ago
0.13 - 0.15
6 years ago
Latest Version:
0.6.26 (4 years ago)
Factorio version:
0.13 - 0.15
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Mocombat is a mod centered around increasing the ways you can combat the biters.
It adds new weapons and defenses alongside a new tank. Not to mention it implements automated combat robotics.

-Rescue Ranger
This puppy is the peak of engineering tech.
It fires packages of Nano machines that repair inorganic machines and dissolves extraterrestrial organics.

-Laser Rifle
A Powerful automatic weapon. Great range,Moderate Damage, Shoots lasers.
While the laser rifle is great at smiting worms and spawners to a degree, it fails entirely to kill massive hordes of biters.

-Bio Force Gun (Aka BFG)
The deadliest gun in the mod. Awesome range, Extreme damage, Huge AOE.
The BFG is quite expensive to produce, and fire. Creating a BFG is a challenge on its own requiring a portable fusion generator alongside its expensive research.
Once built and supplied with its rather pricey ammo, Biter bases beware. But as a warning, using the BFG may cause death to its user. Using it short of its max range will put you in the danger zone and most likely cause your demise.

-Depleted Uranium Rounds:
Only available if you have mopower installed.
These puppies are heavy duty bullets. Capable of piercing even the toughest hide/armor.

-Spitter --Removed: It was added to the base game
Nasty Little buggers that charge at your things, and then self destruct in a explosion damaging nearby objects.


-Tesla Arc Tower
Unlocked when you get the electric defense for your modular armor, this pricey tower squash's(Zaps) biter swarms like.... well bugs.
How ever it has its downsides. If used wrong it can damage your own infrastructure. Walls and the tower itself are immune to the electricity, but anything else in the cross fire is as good as dead(or badly damaged).

-Force Field Posts
The power of energy walls be yours! Place force field posts down in straight lines to generate a energy wall that when bitten by biters, it gives them a electric shock. The fields require energy to be sustained, and will fade quickly if their parent posts are shut down or destroyed. Also you cant repair the energy fields(Using tools on energy?!?! Absurd.), they self regenerate over time.

-Poison Mines
Mines that instead of exploding when trigged, release a potent neurotoxin.

-Advanced Combat Robotics
Advanced bots that will defend a area for you, or follow you if there's no where to dock up.

-Allows crafting of the rail-gun after unlocking heavy weapons (After Military 4)

-Secret Feature: Death Chests When you die instead of your inventory being vaporized you drop a chest so you can retrieve your gear.
You can use the command below to enable it or change the config file inside the mod."MoCombat","enabledeathchest")