Martincitopants' Space Modpack (Includes House Waterfilling Fix)

by Phoniez

This is a version of Martincitopants' Space Modpack that includes, a fix to make house waterfilling function again and various extra QOL mods and some other extras. Also, a big thanks to both Slikk and NikoMew for making this pack possible. For further info and some links, check the mod page description. IMPORTANT note: Install INGAME via the mod manager, also to update pack, uninstall main pack mod and reinstall it INGAME.

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1 year, 9 months ago
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Dependency 18.9M
base >= 1.1 -
SE-no-pollution-in-space 10.2K
Personal-Roboport-Mk3 27.3K
More-Exoskeletons 22.2K
WideChests_AAI_Containers_Fix 10.5K
textplates 252K
FlareStack-SE 14.4K
Flare Stack 79.9K
Deadlock-SE-bridge 27.6K
Deadlock-AAII-bridge 13.6K
LogisticTrainNetwork 242K
Big_Brother 84.5K
beautiful_bridge_railway_Cargoships 40.7K
blueprint-sandboxes 42.6K
SchallMinorTweaks 7.89K
rocket-log 44.7K
power-grid-comb 61.1K
QueueToFrontNG 37.6K
guiManager 14.0K
GUI_Unifyer 46.9K
CursorEnhancements 34.5K
calculator-ui 52.8K
ModuleInserter 133K
entity-waterfilling-re-enabled 9.35K
aai-containers 483K
aai-industry 493K
aai-programmable-structures 119K
aai-programmable-vehicles 160K
aai-signal-transmission 484K
aai-signals 154K
aai-vehicles-chaingunner 133K
aai-vehicles-flame-tank 123K
aai-vehicles-flame-tumbler 120K
aai-vehicles-hauler 130K
aai-vehicles-laser-tank 154K
aai-vehicles-miner 162K
aai-vehicles-warden 125K
aai-zones 117K
actual-craft-times-remade 42.4K
AfraidOfTheDark 165K
alien-biomes 573K
alien-biomes-hr-terrain 194K
Armor-MK4 35.8K
ArmouredBiters 150K
boblibrary 379K
bullet-trails 377K
cargo-ships 201K
combat-mechanics-overhaul 280K
EndgameCombat 45.0K
seoh 22.1K
deadlock-beltboxes-loaders 95.1K
deadlock-integrations 32.5K
DragonIndustries 96.8K
Enhanced_Map_Colors 99.0K
EpicArtillerySounds 64.1K
equipment-gantry 245K
even-distribution 356K
Explosive Termites 34.1K
ezlib 31.4K
Factorissimo2 214K
fast_trans 65.6K
Fill4Me 117K
flib 760K
Flow Control 176K
GDIW 46.0K
grappling-gun 273K
GunEquipment 34.6K
helmod 389K
Honk 88.1K
informatron 548K
jetpack 543K
Kux-OrbitalIonCannon 79.1K
Nightfall 58.3K
Nova-Natural_Evolution_Enemies 34.6K
Quicksearch 18.2K
Portals 41.6K
Power Armor MK3 181K
qol_research 164K
QuickItemSearch 55.5K
RampantArsenal 144K
RateCalculator 215K
RitnLib 103K
robot_attrition 469K
Robot_Battery_Research 83.5K
SchallEndgameEvolution 37.9K
SE-PFR-fix 25.8K
se-recycling-extras 49.0K
se-science-scale 25.3K
Searchlight 45.2K
AutoDeconstruct 257K
shield-projector 487K
space-exploration 460K
space-exploration-extra-items 33.0K
space-exploration-graphics 457K
space-exploration-graphics-2 450K
space-exploration-graphics-3 447K
space-exploration-graphics-4 447K
space-exploration-graphics-5 445K
space-exploration-pipe-qol 34.5K
space-exploration-postprocess 456K
space-exploration-substation-replacement 27.9K
Squeak Through 448K
stasis_mine 28.1K
StatsGui 103K
stdlib 386K
Todo-List 206K
VehicleSnap 222K
Waterfill_v17 205K
Last dependency data update: 2 hours ago (for v1.4.1)