Marathon Mod Automated

Automatically increases the resource costs of most recipes causing a marathon game. The will require the players to scale a larger factory and use rail to reach the end game. WARNING: Incompatible with marathon mod.

3 years ago
0.14 - 0.15
4 years ago
Latest Version:
0.2.42 (3 years ago)
Factorio version:
0.14 - 0.15
6742 times

Automated version of Afforess's Marathon mod, with slightly tweaked recipe costs and additional compatibility with Bob's and Angel's. Also automates Warringer's Bob's Angelthon mod, again with slightly tweaked recipe costs.


0.2.42: Update to keep compatibility with Angel's smelting.

0.2.41: Fix compatibility with bio-industries.

0.2.40: Handle updated angel's smelting techs.

0.2.39: Explode all angels processed ore by 5/3.

0.2.37: Military science pack cost down, engine unit crafting speed up.

0.2.34: Improve compatibility with GDIW.

0.2.33: Fix some barreling bugs.

0.2.31: Patch unreproducible bug

0.2.30: Use global mods table to detect Bio Industries mod.

0.2.29: Update compatibility if bob's plates but not angel's plates is used.

0.2.28: Update compatibility with new angels smelting recipes.

0.2.26: Fix settings compatibilities.

0.2.25: Fix more crashes.

0.2.23: Hotfix to fix base game incompatibility.

0.2.22: Updates to angel bioprocessing artifact recipes.

0.2.20: Add iron plate to wooden board recipe and adjust wooden pole recipe. FIx bugs with tank mk 2 & 3 recipes and fix steel being not slow enough.

0.2.17: Adjust settings and bio industries solar farm recipe.

0.2.14: Fix up remaining greenhouse recipe changes and put behind settings flag.

0.2.13: Fix crash.

0.2.12: Continue tuning bio industries recipes (wood pulp this time).

0.2.11: Make bio-industries actually optional.

0.2.8: Rebalance bio-industries & bobgreenhouse wood/charcoal recipes. No more free energy from greenhouses. Also fix bug involving Angel's production buildings not being expensive enough.

0.2.4: Re-fix stack size issue.

0.2.3: Fix bug involving ingot explosion setting.

0.2.2: Updated to 0.15 settings.lua format. Also re-included Bob/Angel compatibility.

0.2.1: Update to 0.15 "expensive" recipes. No Bob/Angel compatibility.

0.1.43: Now compatible with Natural Evolution Expansion and disables the 2x science, 2x rocket component changes there. Also balances Bob's modules, including merged modules:
- All module components (and therefore modules) are 5x more expensive.
- Beacons are 2x more expensive (T1), 4x (t2), 8x (t3).
- Productivity caps out at 10% per module (same as vanilla);
- Beacon effectivity now decreases with tier (50% -> 15% -> 7.5%). However, since module covering area is much larger for Mk 2 and 3 beacons, and they fit more modules, the net result is a slight increase in net module application assuming the standard ratios of 1:1 machines:MK1 beacons, 2:2 machines:mk2, 2:2 machines:mk3 (800%, 1080% ,1440%).
- Merged modules raw-speed and green now cost 50% more and do 50% less (the secondary effect is diminished);
- Merged module raw-productivity now costs 150% more and does significantly less (again, secondary effects are diminished, especially speed). Hopefully this gives more choices when deciding what modules to use, and not just "use merged modules since they're literally 2 modules that take the space of 1"
- The end result is, a Lvl 8 raw-productivity module is roughly comparable to a vanilla productivity module (15% speed penalty down to 12%, energy use penalty down from 80% to 40%, pollution use penalty up from 10% to 20%). You can still fit 6 of them in T6 assembling machines, and nerfed beacons can still boost speed to +200% and energy and pollution to -80%.
- Took away the simpler build path for merged modules.

0.1.42: Fix bug involving bob's modules affecting some module component recipes but not others. Stay tuned for a bobmods balance pass! Some beacon nerfs are in this patch already.

0.1.41: Fix some recipes not being craftable due to exceeding stack size.

0.1.40: Fixed bug regarding engine unit & electric engine unit. Crafting angel powder now faster as well.

0.1.39: Properly support bob's CheaperSteel and local no_bob_cheaper_steel override in config.

0.1.38: Prevent iron, copper, steel plate from being re-exploded under any circumstances.

0.1.37: Put in a config flag to toggle ingot explosion.

0.1.36: Cleaned up logs and nerfed angel roll/sheet conversion craft times (now 10x slower).

0.1.35: Ingot explosion! Similar to how previously copper plates are produced in 5x more quantity but worth 1/5 what they were before, all Angel's smelting ingots are now exploded at ratios from around 2x-8x depending on which ore they are. Have fun!

0.1.34: Bugfix.

0.1.33: Compatibility update with Angel's smelting 0.2.x. (Warning: Angels smelting 0.2.x is not compatible with previous versions, be careful when upgrading saves!)

0.1.32: Slight fine tuning to incentivize using the slowed-down Angels smelting recipes (All angels smelting productivity +10%). Also fixed a bug with iron & copper casting times being too high.

0.1.31: Smelting recipes no longer are affected by the difficulty scaling config setting.

0.1.29: Small bugfix.

0.1.28: Small bugfix.

0.1.27: Fix bug with angel's barreling recipes.

0.1.26 : Adds some new configs in config.lua for scaling back difficulty slightly (experimental) and for overriding Bob's cheaper steel.

0.1.25 : Fixes compatibility with Research Revolution science packs.

0.1.24 : Subsumes all of Bob's angelthon changes, in particular, ore crusher/sorter/... and oil refinery/gas refinery/... costs 4x'd. Storage tank and pump recipes 20x'd.