Jeffroid Extensions

A moderate rework of the base game adding a little more complexity; rockets are launched earlier in the game and some recycling and new intermediates are added.

22 days ago
22 days ago
Latest Version:
0.8.1 (22 days ago)
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I built this mod to add to the game those thing I enjoy playing and to add a little more complexity to the game.

Launching rockets is fun so this was brought forward. After blue science you will need to start launching rockets to mine asteroids in order to progress to purple and yellow science. These rockets will return asteroid chunks which can be processed into new materials. Don't worry, launching asteroid miners in rockets is much cheaper than vanilla.

I also wanted to make wood useful so growing and processing trees is now a thing.

Many recipes now produce slag or plant waste which has to be dealt with and there are several ways to deal with these.

I am no graphic artist so don't expect any works of art here; I am only interested in gameplay.

As I tend to play with biters off there are very few military changes.

Many new intermediate materials are introduced with some alternate recipes for existing ones.

Overall I think this mod is perhaps twice as long as vanilla, maybe a bit longer depending on your goals. Definitely much simpler than AB or Pyanodons.

I recommend using miniloaders and merging chests mods.

For anyone interested I have a 200 hour save producing 1.4k SPM and using around 9GW of power which still runs at 60 FPS.