Yuoki Industries Reimagined [WIP - Alpha]

by jatmn

(Work in Progress - Alpha) !! This Mod WILL break existing saves !! DO NOT USE WITH OTHER BIG MODS, STUFF WILL BE BROKEN!! This is a major mod overhaul by JATMN This takes the core of Yuoki Industries and Reimagines it. Factories and Machines have been repurposed or removed, recipes have been changed, core mechanics of the mod have been rebuilt.

10 days ago
7 months ago
Latest Version:
0.0.8 (10 days ago)
Factorio version:
401 times

(Work in Progress - Alpha)
!! This Mod WILL break existing saves !!

What is this mod, and why does it exist?

This is still a work in progress and may see updates daily or weekly!
Please report any bugs or feedback!

The intention of this mod is to take the Ideas YuokiTani had with Yuoki Industries & Yuoki Industries - Engines (Addon) and expand on them.
One of the issues I personally faced with Yuoki Industries was it was left incomplete and had some very odd logic in my opinion in some areas.

This is classified as a Big mods because I am taking Yuoki Industries back to basics and giving my own twist on machine functions and recipes.
- Recipes are being rewritten
- Machines are being recalibrated
- Tech Tree WILL be established
- Pre-existing Bugs in Yuoki Industries are being fixed
- Pre-existing typos and missing texts are being fixed/completed
- Quality of Life changes

One of the first things you will notice is the recipe categories have all been shuffled around and look odd.
I am still working on rearranging recipes and reworking how they work.

Please see the changelog... I try to be as detailed as possible with each update!

As mentioned this is still a work in progress and very incomplete.. all feedback is welcomed!

Current Changes and New Features, Etc...

- All the "Special" Inserters made by Yuoki they were made redundant by Bob's Adjustable Inserters (I kept the stack and filtered stack inserters)
- Most of the "Mod Settings" I had added with Yuoki Industries - (Fixes & Integrations by JATMN) as they are now going to be hardcoded as core parts of the mod
- Some of the redundant Yuoki liquid tanks have been removed, there were too many too close in size. The ones I kept are going to be reworked in the future.
- Various intermediate recipes & items that had no purpose

Reworked & Added
- Refactored most of the original code base used from Yuoki Industries - (Fixes & Integrations by JATMN)
- Started building out my own Library to work with this mod (maybe released in the future as an external mod... TBD)
- [WIP] Rearranged Most Recipes, This will be ongoing for a while...
- Iron Plate and Copper Plate recipes, better yields
- New recipes: Additional progression tiers for higher yields. These will be later locked behind research progression
- Made Yuoki Belts (Tubes) part of the belt upgrade paths
- New Liquid: Dense Contaminated Water, this is a 2nd tire of the existing Contaminated Water and is part of new recipes and will be used in the future.
- New recipe: Chance to reclaim Iron & Copper ore from Dense Contaminated Water
- You start a new game with the "optional" Yi Suit loadout by default (I am going to rework this in the future and change the starting gear a bit)
- Changed: Replaced Burner Miner & Electric Miner with YI Outpost Mining Drill & YI E2 Mining Drill
- New Machines: Mk2 - Electric Crusher & Electric Form Press

To do:

  • Finish rearranging recipes
  • Rework all power production recipes to produce balanced numbers (many recipes produce yields in the decimal places which makes it impossible to perfectly optimize)
  • Add progression recipes for Steel to pair with the new recipes for Iron & Copper Plate
  • Rework machines to produce less pollution. Seriously why do these machines make such crazy pollution numbers?!
  • Rework some machines to take less power, some of them take way too much power...
  • Tech Tree............................


Do not mix this mod with other Big mods!

As far as I know, this mod will break or cause issues with other Big mods such as bob's, angels, K2, etc..
Once Yuoki Industries Reimagined is in a more stable state, I will endeavor to make it function properly with bob's, angels, and K2 or at least not cause game-breaking issues.