Geothermal generator

by badway

Adds a geothermal generator, which is installed at the geothermal site, generates 10,000 kW of energy.

1 year, 5 months ago
0.16 - 0.18

g Update to 1.1?

5 months ago

Is it gonna be updated, or is the mod dead?

5 months ago

Suspect it is abandoned. The 1.1 migration is a simple fix. Unsure of the etiquette about uploading the modified version (without the author's permission).

5 months ago

All you have to do is go to the info.json file, and edit it in notepad

Change the following and save it:

"dependencies": ["base >= 0.17"], ----> "dependencies": ["base >= 1.1.0"],
"factorio_version": "0.18", ----> "factorio_version": "1.1",

5 months ago

I love how people have this great strat to just vanish w/o saying anything like
"Hey guys, i dont play factorio anymore, no mod support etc"
Great stuff. And i thought stuff like this happens only on YT.

4 months ago

Yeah, notice would be nice.

It is at least a simple fix to get it running again, only need Notepad++ to edit the document.

Only issue I have found is that the resource generation was changed with 1.1 and so this mod does mess with some of the generation amounts, but not that is really noticeable (I was looking in to creating my own resources when I found it), but would probably effect things like Bob's and Angel's

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