Filtered Deconstruction Planner

Adds the ability for entities to be targeted for or be excluded from deconstruction by bots.
2 years ago
0.13 - 0.14
Owner: NearlyDutch
Source: dkaisers/filtered-deconstruction-planner
License: MIT
Created: 2 years ago
Latest Version: 0.4.10 (2 years ago)
Factorio version: 0.13 - 0.14
Downloaded: 5266 times


The filtered deconstruction planner enables you to deconstruct objects using robots with higher precision. It offers three deconstruction modes (normal, target and exclude) and unlimited configuration slots for entities. In normal model, the filtered deconstruction planner acts just like its simpler counterpart from base Factorio and ignores the configured items. Target mode will only mark those entities for deconstruction that are configured and exclude mode will do the exact opposite, marking everything for deconstruction, but the configured entities.

Entities can be configured by clicking with the entity in hand on a configuration slot or when activating the eyedropper tool by selecting the entities to configure using the filtered deconstruction planner, the same item used to issue deconstruction orders in the case the eyedropper tool is deactivated.


- Fixes issue that interferes with shift-clicking blueprints to remove trees and rocks

- Removes the cut button, as it was buggy and functionality is already in the game

- Fixes manually adding items to configurations with more than 8 slots
- Fixes performance issues when selecting a large amount of entities with the eyedropper tool

- Updated for factorio 0.14

- Fixed issue with item-on-ground entities

- Fixed issues with rail selection and marking

- Fixed issue with migration script trying to enable removed recipe

- Fixed tiles to be selectable and markable in target and exclude mode
- Removed item itself as configuration now affects the default deconstruction planner
- Updated GUI to use sprite-buttons and tooltips
- Removed mineable-rock mod workaround

- Updated code to be compatible with 0.13 thanks to Choumiko
- Updated icon to match new style for deconstruction planner

- Fixed crashing of game when clicking on cut-button with item other than blueprint

- Added functionality to cut entities out of blueprints

- Fixed issue with GUI initialized at game start
- Added German and Russian (thanks to apriori) locales

- Fixed issue with missing button in multiplayer, when player joins after “automated construction” was researched

- Fixed issue when opening save files from different game instances

- Removed eyedropper tool, selection now using planner item
- Refactored codebase
- Reworked GUI with new graphics and event based system

- Added eyedropper tool to select entities
- Removed configuration slot limit
- Removed need to save before filter is applied
- Fixed item-on-ground issues
- Changed GUI look and feel

- Fixed possible unintended behavior in multiplayer, when players use different planner-items simultaneously

- Added normal, target and exclude mode
- Changed GUI to reflect currently selected mode
- Updated item icon to reflect the option to choose between modes
- Moved config variables to separate file
- Set base dependency to 0.12.22, because of changes in neutral entity behavior

- First release of the mod