by rz2yoj

This is a mod for next level reliability engineering. Build dashboards for your factory in Datadog or get woken up by PagerDuty when incidents occur!

3 months ago

g Time axis form

6 months ago

Hey! So I'm looking at adding this to my server (because space exploration), and it occurred to me: time.

Based on my experience with grafana, it wants to work in wall time. Which isn't great for factorio, because the majority of the time the game isn't running.

Do you have any thoughts/suggestions for this? I'm already probably going to write my own forwarder, because I'm not thrilled with datadog.

6 months ago

Hey, I did some poking around, and I think FluentD may be a good analytics option, as it's open source and free. Have you found any DataDog alternatives you like?

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