Extended Research System

Did you ever felt, that the advanced tiers of Belts, Inserters, Ammunitions or even the Assembling machine 3 are only decoratives? Ahh of course not, but did you ever thought about that, they are somewhat unimportant features? You just could launch a rocket without building any of them... Not any more! This mod helps you solve this riddle, you have to build the advanced tiers of those, if you want to advance in the Tech tree.

11 days ago
The Unlicense (Public Domain)
1 year, 5 months ago
Latest Version:
0.2.4 (11 days ago)
Factorio version:
950 times

About the mod:

This mod adds some new tier(s) for some of the science packs, each of the new tier(s) replaces the previous tier(s) when you reach further down in the tech tree. This way, the number of science packs used by each technology is not changing.

New science packs:

  • Automation science pack MKII:
    6x Red wire + 6x Green Wire + 1x Assembling Machine 1 -> 6x Automation science pack MKII (in 24 seconds)
  • Automation science pack MKIII:
    2x Arithmetic combinator + 1x Assembling Machine 2 -> 2x Automation science pack MKIII (in 12 seconds)
  • Automation science pack MKIV:
    2x Efficiency module + 1x Assembling Machine 3 -> 4x Automation science pack MKIV (in 24 seconds)
  • Logistic science pack MKII:
    1x Fast transport belt + 1x Fast inserter -> 2x Logistic science pack MKII (in 12 seconds)
  • Logistic science pack MKIII:
    1x Express transport belt + 1x Stack inserter -> 3x Logistic science pack MKIII (in 18 seconds)
  • Military science pack MKII:
    2x Uranium rounds magazine + 1x Cluster grenade + 4x Gate -> 4x Military science pack MKII (in 24 seconds)
  • Military science pack MKIII:
    1x Atomic bomb + 2x Artillery shell + 4x Artillery turret-> 96x Military science pack MKIII (in 144 seconds)
  • Chemical science pack MKII:
    1x Processing unit + 2x Electric engine unit -> 2x Chemical science pack MKII (in 12 seconds)
  • Chooseable science packs (disableable in mod settings):
    • Basic military science pack (MK0):
      2x Firearms magazine + 2x Shotgun shell + 2x Stone -> 2x Basic military science pack (in 5 seconds)
    • Basic chemical science pack (MK0):
      10x Pipe + 5x Electronic circuit + 1x Solid fuel -> 4x Basic chemical science pack (in 10 seconds)
    • Basic production science pack (MK0):
      2x Steel furnace + 1x Electric mining drill -> 4x Basic production science pack (in 12 seconds)
    • Basic utility science pack (MK0):
      2x Big electric pole + 2x Solar panel -> 4x Basic utility science pack (in 12 seconds)
  • Mod specific science packs:
    • Bob's mods:
      • Basic transport science pack (MK0):
        1x Basic transport belt + 1x Burner inserter -> 1x Basic transport science pack (in 6 seconds)
      • Advanced transport science pack (MKIV):
        Setting controlled science pack, overrides Bob's 'Logistic science pack' to the highest tier of transport science pack
        1x Turbo transport belt + 1x Turbo inserter + 1x Logistic robot -> 4x Advanced transport science pack (in 24 seconds)
    • Krastorio 2 (All science packs uses the Krastorio 2 styling and naming system, suggested to use vanilla science pack recipes (except for 'Automation tech card') on the mod settings):
      • Basic tech card MKII:
        5x Sand + 5x Steel plate + 5x Copper cable -> 5x Basic tech card MKII (in 20 seconds)
      • Basic tech card MKIII:
        5x Silicon+ 5x Steel beam + 5x Plastic bar + 5x Copper cable -> 5x Basic tech card MKIII (in 20 seconds)
      • Setting named 'Add 'Blank tech card' as ingredients':
        Adds 'Blank tech card' to all of the tech card ingredients
        The ingredient quantity is equal to the tech card result's quantity

Logistic challenge:

The fact, that there is now 15(+) science packs, but the labs still takes only 7 (or 8 with some mods) at one time (so you can use your old lab blueprint), and the player's research choices could lead to constant science pack (tier) changes on each research change.
To make this able to automate (or make it easier to handle) I made a virtual signal, called 'Get demanded Science Packs for the active research'

  • Use this signal in a 'Constant combinator'
  • On every research change (research ended, or switched to another) the content of the 'Constant combinator' is overwritten (cleared) and set to the current technology's ingredient(s).
  • The content of the 'Constant combinator' for the active technology:
    • 'Get demanded Science Packs for the active research' signal's value: number of cycles
    • 'Time' signal's value: time cost of each cycle
    • Each science pack singal's value: the required amount of science pack of each cycle
    • Due to the limitation of the signal values, if the price or time is bigger then what the signal could handle (2147483647) their value return with -1

Mod compatibility:

  • Any of the mods should be compatible, those which changes the tech tree in the data.lua or data-updates.lua phase should work fine, otherwise (if it changes in the data-final-fixes.lua) it needs dependency to it. There are some (hidden) dependencies added already to the mod ( mostly bob's mods, angel's mods, krastorio2, and space exploration )
  • Any of the mods should be compatible, but illogical to use, which heavily changes the science pack recipes ( like Krastorio2, but there is a setting in that mod, which changes the default science pack (tech card) recipes to be vanilla )
  • Any of the mods could be incompatible, which disables or changes heavily any of the new science pack ingredient's recipe, for those, the science pack recipes should be manually corrected ( like Bob's logistic, when the 'inserter overhaul' mod option is used, this is fixed on update 0.0.7 )