Expensive Science

by canidae
Significantly increase science cost.
2 years ago
Owner: canidae
Source: canidae/factorio
Homepage: http://exent.net
License: MIT
Created: 2 years ago
Latest Version: 1.2.0 (2 years ago)
Factorio version: 0.14
Downloaded: 427 times

Mod discontinued

With Factorio 0.15 you can increase research cost at game creation, making this mod redundant.


Basically slows down research without changing anything else in the game. Higher tiers of science is affected more than lower tiers.
The mod increases amount of science packs needed for all technologies (except Automation, as it's no fun pocket crafting science packs). It also removes alien science packs as an ingredient for research (it does however not remove alien science packs from the game, that may interfere with other mods). Research time per research lab is set to a fixed 20 second for all research, this is done to make it easier to setup a ratio of assemblers making science packs and research labs. Some research requires more of one type of ingredients, this has not been modified as it could greatly affect other mods adding technologies.

Mod was created as we wanted a multiplayer game that wouldn't progress as fast as vanilla Factorio, but none of the other marathon mods we came across would modify only science.

Some examples of time/cost change

  • Automation: From [10 sec, 1xSP1]x10 to [20 sec, 1xSP1]x150
  • Advanced Material Processing: From [30 sec, 1xSP1, 1xSP2]x75 to [20 sec, 1xSP1, 1xSP2]x7875
  • Rocket Silo: From [60 sec, 1xSP1, 1xSP2, 1xSP3, 1xASP]x1000 to [20 sec, 1xSP1, 1xSP2, 1xSP3]x390000



  • "Automation" technology is no longer affected by this mod.
  • Increased research time per Science Pack from 2 seconds to 20 seconds.


  • Using "Automation" as example to simplify explanation of change, the change is done for all technologies: In version 1.0.0 e.g. Automation was [30 sec, 15xSP1]x10. This caused inserters to insert very many Science packs into each lab (and usually not balancing which type of science pack if two types where on the same belt). This caused scaling research to be more difficult and that was not the intended behaviour. In 1.1.0 I changed e.g. Automation to be [2 sec, 1xSP1]x150. This means the exact same time and ingredients to fulle research Automation, but inserters won't stack loads of ingredients into each lab.


  • Initial version