Expanded Rocket Payloads

Adds several new teirs of functional satellites and other payloads to expand gameplay into the space age.

4 years ago
0.16 - 0.17
5 years ago
Latest Version:
0.17.2 (4 years ago)
Factorio version:
0.16 - 0.17
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For Angel/Bob Mods compatibility check out SuperSandro2000's mod https://mods.factorio.com/mod/ERPTbaAB

Warning: This mod is still in development, recipes and tech costs are subject to change until things get properly balanced out.

New Satellites:
Advanced Probe-When their data is processed each Advanced probe will produce 10,000 space science.
Observation Satellite-A combination of communication, observation and GPS satellite. Produces Planetary data
Space Lab-Components and supplies for orbital laboratories, produces Station Science.
Orbital Solar collector-Launched into orbit these satellites will produce 150MW to a ground station they spawn upon launching, requires a 150MW worth of solar panels for each satellite.
Space Telescope-With a powerful Optic Suite these satellites will be linked to a ground station and can either preform astronomical surveys slowly providing space science or observe your planet slowly in so doing producing planetary data.
Space Shuttle-These come in multiple varieties including a space station servicing version, a mining shuttle, a telescope shuttle and a space fabricator shuttle. They can be reused and so are cheaper in the long run but the initial cost is very high.

New ground facilities:
Advanced Assembler-An expensive machine capable of producing satellite components and spacecraft (as well as normal stuff at slightly higher speed)
Ground Telescope-slowly produces space science
Space Telescope Uplink station: Each connects to and controls a space telescope in orbit.
Orbital Power Receiver-Each station collects 150 MW worth of power from their satellites in orbit.
Ground Fabricator Station-This facility transmits power to its partner in orbit which returns dropships loaded with resources. (extremely expensive to produce and operate)

New Infinite Techs:
Using station science and planetary data you will be able to improve various aspects of your base including bots, laboratory productivity, mining productivity, artillery range, stack inserter bonus. There are also a couple ridiculously expensive techs that will give you a big buff in addition to the scaling infinite techs. Part of the reason for including all this was that the expanded infinite tech mod by wormmus is depreciated, and I wanted to give a good reason to launch a lot of rockets.

Shuttle Mechanics:
-When space shuttles are launched they return a landed shuttle of the same type which needs to be refurbished. To do so will require water filled barrels to clean it, stone to fix the heatshield and rocket fuel to fill up the tanks again. Depending on the type of shuttle you will also need new payload, the station shuttle for example will need new components to deliver. Cost to refurbish will also vary depending on type of shuttle.
-Upon finishing refurbishment the shuttle's mission results will be unloaded along with empty barrels and a ready to launch version of your shuttle will be available to go again.
-Shuttles can also be repurposed should you no longer want one preforming a specific mission.
-Refurbishment and repurposing do take a fair bit of time but this can be sped up with modules.

The goal of this mod is to expand Factorio's space-age game play beyond the current rocket silo-satellite mechanic. This mods adds more than 25 technologies along with 6 types of functional payload to launch, each with their own mechanics.

I hope to give users of the mod a direct reason to play beyond the base games satellite construction, this mod introduces a few complicated recipes that make use of ingredients you might not have previously mass produced, and some in quantities that will seem ludicrous. I wanted to give some direct goals besides science per minute post victory screen. Even as I playtested this mod I had to expand and substantially upgrade my own base to accommodate some of the really expensive aspects of the mod. Lastly if you do manage to unlock some of the really expensive stuff I hoped to make them rewarding enough; If you get space mining or orbital fabricators it should almost completely remove the headache of creating new outposts for resources, which in turn could make having larger factories possible. This is (hopefully) balanced by their massive cost.

I tried to make the asteroid mining and orbital power generation components of this mod unique from these concepts previous iterations in Factorio mods. For power generation I coded the satellite launch to produce the ground station which generates the power where Dyson Swarm and Useful space industry use scrips to track satellite launches and add that power to their much higher output stations. And I wanted asteroid mining to use a shuttle to make it a more interesting and rewarding mechanic.

Also I didn't really balance this mod around belts since I wanted the satellites to be more complex and expensive than before. It might be possible to do it with belts alone but I haven't tested it. I also built many of the techs around improving bots to hopefully help UPS with larger bases.

Lastly productivity modules will not work on any of this mod's components, this is intentional. However the Advanced assembler can house 2 extra module components over the assembler mk3, so you could use productivity modules on normal products, this is balanced by its cost.

Thank you to the modding help forum and reddit user ulyssessword for helping me in getting this mod off the ground. Also to the whole modding community, this mod wouldn't have been possible without you.
Thank you to Richard at historicspacecraft.com for giving permission to use his graphics for the space shuttles, space lab component and the capsule (station data, dropships).
Thank you to TMT Observatory Corporation for making their Thirty Meter Telescope concept art available for public use (the ground telescope) provided attribution.
Also thanks to NASA for all their images and graphics being in the public domain, without that making the graphics for this mod would have been substantially harder.
Credit to DonnyBresko and his Fargodeep mine mod for inspiration in my entity design. Amalgamating the factorio's entity graphics to make new ones.

The code of this mod is under the MIT license, however the images provided by historicspacecraft.com are not. If you wish to reuse or modify them i would advise getting historicspacecraft.com's permission to do so.